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Name: Akuma ( Gouki in Japan )
Weight: 178 lbs
Blood Type: ?
Date of Birth: ?
Home Land: Japan

The mysterious figure of Akuma is the darkest warrior in the Street Fighter cast. A once promising fighter, he was twisted by his lust for power. He now searches for ever greater opponents, particularly the prodigal Ryu.

The origin of the darkest of the three main Shotokan Karate users in Street Fighter (Akuma, Ryu and Ken) is shrouded in hear-say and rumour. Perhaps the most valid story is that Akuma had a brother called Gouken, and they both studied under a master called Goutetsu. Goutetsu had removed the most deadly secrets of his techniques, because they would corrupt the user. However Akuma believed a warrior should use any technique available to defeat his opponent, and discovered the secret of Shun Goku Satsu (the Instant Hell Murder, also known as the Raging Demon). He used this move to kill his master and brother. However by then Gouken had taught his art to two students, Ken and Ryu. Akuma now searches for a battle with Ryu.

Also known as the 'Master of Fists', Akuma has made many enemies. Most notable is Gen. He has also been challenged by Adon, M. Bison and Wolverine (of the X-Men). Akuma lives by himself on an island. In the parodic Super Gem Fighter, Akuma's island is turned into an amusement park, and he has to search for a new training ground.

Akuma made his debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, as both a secret opponent and a secret character. He fought much like Ryu, but could perform the Zankuu Hadouken (air fireball), and Ashura Senkuu (teleport).

Akuma is notorious for his knowledge of how to perform the Raging Demon. The Raging Demon is such a powerful move that Akuma's master, Goutetsu, forbade Akuma from learning it. Goutetsu's ancestors had banned the teaching of the technique for they knew that it could result in the practitioner's death for the Raging Demon summoned all that was evil in the practitioner. Such a move had no place in Shotokan karate. Akuma believed Goutetsu and his ancestors were fools for not using a technique that could unleash so much destruction. After all, in Akuma's mind, the goal of any battle was to be victorious. To that end, any means should be employed to attain victory. He mused, "It is cowardly to avoid a technique because you fear it. A life of fear is not much of a life."

Akuma was certain he could perform the Raging Demon and survive. All he needed was an opportunity to execute the technique. Akuma's dreams of becoming the most powerful warrior ever obscured the teachings of Goutetsu. During a sparring session with Goutetsu, Akuma saw a chance to perform the Raging Demon. He felt as if the technique would consume him with its power. The technique completed, Akuma watched as Goutetsu's mangled body crumpled to the ground. Akuma had chosen to embrace all that was evil within him. His fate was sealed.

In the Alpha games, Akuma challenged Ryu to search within himself for the true power. This produced the split-character Evil Ryu, a kind of alternate being who had walked down the same dark path as Akuma. Akuma has also appeared in all the Marvel Crossover games, in Street Fighter EX, and in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Akuma's Symbol:

Akuma wears a symbol on his back, referred to in Street Fighter as the 'ten' symbol. It means several things as Japanese words often do, including 'day', 'heaven' and 'invincibility'. David Williams wrote in and adds:

"It is synonymous with 'Immortal'. It basically means what Capcom has always conveyed, that Gouki is no longer human. In folklore, whenever the character "ten" appears on a person's forehead, it means that that person is immortal. Capcom, for clarities sake, placed the symbol on the back of his gai".

More Akumas?

Akuma has two additional clones: Shin Akuma (also called Super Akuma) and Cyber-Akuma. Shin Akuma is much faster, can do double Zankuu Hadoukens and can combo like mad. However he is not a distinct character - he is merely a special version of Akuma. Cyber Akuma is the boss of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. He has metallic wings, a cyborg implant on his face, a cybernetic arm and wears clogs. Cyber Akuma is a distinct character, but is remembered as one of Capcom's stupidest character designs (along with Gill).


Akuma goes by the name of Gouki in the Japanese versions of Street Fighter.