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Name: Michael Bison
Height: 182cm
Weight: 80kg
Blood Type: A
Date of Birth: April 17, 1957
Home Land: Thailand

M. Bison is the leader of the international crime organization Shadaloo, centered in or near Thailand. Though his syndicate is one of the largest and strongest in the crime world, Bison is ever in search of great warriors to challenge, defeat and corrupt. His fighting techiques utilise 'psycho power', great physical energy stemming from Bison's mind. However he is also adept in conventional martial arts.

We first met M. Bison in Street Fighter II. However much of his history is revealed in the Alpha games, which although were released later, take place several years before. In SF Alpha and SF Alpha 2, Bison is recruiting great fighters into his crime syndicate, with Ryu as his primary target. In SF Alpha 3, Bison develops a mysterious machine called the Psycho Drive. It has the ability to regenerate Psycho Power, and is Bison's key to world domination.

Bison is the target of many challengers. Chun Li believes he knows the circumstances of her father's murder, while Charlie is a special agent sent in by the United States. Rose (selectable in the Alpha games) shares Bison's psycho powers - she is either Bison's former student or his cousin (I can't seem to confirm either -Ken) but now seeks to destroy Bison.

Bison was preparing to manufacture an army of 'dolls', female assassins modelled after his best soldier, Cammy. It seems as if she somehow escapes his mind control however, and is later employed as a special agent by MI6 in England.

Whatever happens in the Alpha games, M. Bison resurfaces in Street Fighter II. It is revealed he killed an American soldier named Charlie (who is in the Alpha games), which is why Guile is now after him.

In Japan, M. Bison is the name of the boxer. However Capcom feared that his name was too similar to real-life pugilist Mike Tyson, and hence he was renamed Balrog. The spanish ninja, Vega was renamed Balrog, and Vega, the leader of Shadaloo, was renamed M. Bison.

The name of the organization in japanese is Shadoru, but if you write it in ocidental letters, It will be Shadoloo (as you can see in Bison's stage in CVS). So the original name for the organization is Shadoloo. But the Capcom USA calls it Shadaloo. So, Shadoloo is the original translated name and Shadaloo is the english official name.