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Name: Jimmy Reeves
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 248 lbs
Blood Type: (unknown)
Date of Birth: (unknown)
Home Land: Africa

Blanka's story begins when he was a very young boy by the name of Jimmy Reeves. His parent were taking him with them, on their private plane to their second honey moon in Italy. But before the Reeves' could reach their destination. Their aircraft was attacked by an unknown group of terrorist. The pilot in an attempt to land the decrepid plane, crashed miles away from the attackers, deep into the African jungle. The only survivor of the crash,was little Jimmy. Who amazingly escaped the incident unharmed. As is typical of stories of this type, young Jimmy was adopted by a young female gorrila. She fed and cared for Jimmy as though he was one of her own kind. She taught the young boy how to survive in the jungle. Jimmy meanwhile, pushed aside all memories of his previous life, and renamed himself "Blanka" in imitation of the sound of the baying jaguar.

His life in the wilderness made him strong and agile. However, Blanka was very animalistic. His emotions where pure and unadulterated. One day while foraging in the jungle. Blanka heard a very familare sound. The sound of an airplane crashing into the forest near by. Blanka was traumatized instantly by the sound. Images and memories of his true parents,flooded his mind. A spark of human hope that his parents had returned for him flared within Blanka. He hurried in the direction of the downed plane.

The plane had crashed into an African swamp. Half of it's fusulage torn assunder. Spilling the transits cargo of highly toxic chemicals into the swamps murky waters. Blanka, upon arriving on the site,haphazardly swam though the contaminated waters to reach the downed plane,in search of his parents. Upon entering the destroyed aircraft,Blanka found no sign of its occupants. Saddened and dismayed,by not finding his parents. Blanka flew into an animal rage. Smashing and destroying what little remained of the aircraft. During this outburt, Blanka intentionaly grabbed a handfull of exposed wires, and was thusly electrocuted, and knocked unconscious. Some hours later Blanka awoke from his slumber and returned to his home among the Amazon forest. Unaware that his life was about to change irrevicably.

Blanka awoke early the next morning, hungy and felt very ill. Assuming some food would make him feel better. He started off for the river upstream of the swamps to catch some fish for breakfast. 100 feet from the rivers edge...Blanka heard what sounded like a large wounded animal dragging it's self along the riverbank. Anticipating an easy meal, Blanka stealthfully weaved his way silently through the Amazon undergrowth towards his prey. About 20 feet away from his target, Blanka leap over a small cropping of boulders,hollaring his battle cry, "Arroooowww!" to attack and finish off his prey. Only to come to a scrurrying halt. What lay before him was not an antilope, or water buffalo. But a man,like him!

Blanka had not seen another human being in such a long time. Again his mind was flooded with images of his past, and he fell to the ground trembling in anguish and confusion. But was soon replaced by the feeling of salvation. He hurried to the man and helped him to shore, and then to his shelter in the forest.Little did Blanka know that this man would become his best friend Dan. Blanka aided Dan the best that he could in his recovery, mainly providing food and shelter. Blanka could barely recall how to speak, but was able to recall enough as to communicate with Dan. Dan in appreciation of Blankas aid attempted to "teach" Blanka of the civilized world and it's ways. It was during Dans recovery,that Blankas exposure to the toxic chemicals and the violent electric shock,started to show it's true effects on Blanka.

6 weeks later,by the time Dan had recooperated enough to stand upright. Blankas transformation was complete. The electrocution, combined with his exposure to the aircrafts dangerous chemical cargo, made Blanka's body mutate into the present green-skinned and orange-haired form he has now. This mutational process made Blanka stronger and faster than he was before, as well as making his body's natural chemical electricity to surge far beyond normal levels. With time, Blanka learned to control this power, eventually finding it to be a fearsome natural weapon. And during this time Dan had explaned to Blanka how he had been a prisoner of the Shadoloo and was being transfered to one of their penetenteries. And how he had caused a disurbance and caused the airplane to crash. In exchange for helping Dan survive in the rainforest, Blanka was taught the martial art of Capoeira. This experience piqued Blanka's interest in he outside world, and eventually he left to forest to live near a small riverside fishing village. With time, rumors of the bestial warrior became common, and members of the Street Fighter circuit came to Brazil to test their skills. In turn, Blanka rapidly rose to the top of the Street Fighting ranks.

Personality/Motivation: Blanka is very much a fish out of water. He enjoys competing in the Street Fighter circuit, and is fascinated by the outside world, but he is also very much naive in the ways of the world. Having lived along for most of his life in the Amazonian jungle, Blanka is not exactly the most cosmopolitan of individuals. He prefers the peace of the jungle, and doesn't care for its wanton destruction and exploitation.

Quote: "Arrroooooo!!!"

Powers/Tactics: In many ways, Blanka is a raging force of nature. He is big, strong, powerful, and tough. Life in the jungles of the Amazon have given him heightened senses beyond the human norm. He can climb trees with ease, move silently though thick brush and is quite capable of living off of the land.

Aside from his skills learned from living in the jungle, Blanka is also a natural fighter. His style is a wild and modified from of capoeira, which in Blanka's case emphasizes leaps, flips and tumbles. It is highly unconventional to say the least. Blanka will start out with his martial skills, switching to his electrical Shock Treatment if his foe is Stunned and/or at disadvantage. He normally doesn't use his claws and teeth in a fight, but will if wounded or at an extreme disadvantage.

Designer's Notes: Too tell the truth, Blanka is probably the least interesting of the many Street Fighter II characters. His origin is a bit silly (even for a setting usch as this) and his motivations and personality are vague at best. I did my best to flesh him out a bit, but it's not perfect. Note that Blanka is listed with an animal Follower. The book didn't specify what the animal was, other then to state that Blanka has an almost mystic link (i.e. Mind Link) with this animal and may be able to see what the animal can see (Clairsentience).