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Name: Cammy White
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 101 lbs
Blood Type: B
Date of Birth: January 6 1974
Home Land: Britian

Cammy's entire life is a mystery. She was dropped off at British Intelligence headquarters and abandoned. Taken in, an investigation could find no trace of her origin, and Cammy herself has no memories of her life before she turned 18 (she is currently 19). While undergoing evaluation and testing, Cammy displayed her phenomenal reflexes and fighting skills. British SAS then decided to "adopt" Cammy and trained her to work as one of their field agents. Cammy, in turn, took to the training like a duck to water.

In an effort to infiltrate Shadoloo operations, Cammy was entered into a local Street Fighter tournament. Cammy was glad to enter and has since risen to "World Warrior" status. She also gets closer to Shadoloo and M. Bison with each tournament, drawn deeper by memories she is only now starting to uncover.

Cammy's background is as mysterious as that of any other Street Fighters apparently, as an agent working for Shadaloo, Cammy was one of its best. On her last mission for M. Bison, she lost her memory and had to start over with a new identity. She was apparently rescued by secret operatives who trained her as one of their own. She was then released to eliminate Shadaloo, the syndicate that spawned her in the first place. Her intentions are not only to destroy M. Bison, but to learn as much as she can about her forgotten past.

Cammy's secret origin is open to a great deal of interpretation. In later versions of Street Fighter, she is M. Bison's personal assassin and is virtually a machine. At one point, hints were made that she was Bison's daughter, while later she was supposed to be his former lover. It is possible that Bison did create Cammy somehow, especially since later, two Cammy look-alikes named Juli and Juni appeared. They are virtual twins, and work as Bison's personal bodyguards and assistants.

Her main target is M. Bison, and should she succeed in locating him, she may learn that the truth is sometimes best left unknown. When she learns that she and M. Bison were once lovers, she denounces him fully and leaves Shadaloo forever behind her.


Though a small warrior, she is deadly nonetheless as a swift and precise assassin. Her blows are focused on her enemies' weakest points, and she can avoid most attacks with graceful ease. Her legs are very strong and can flip a man three times her size with little effort.

Cammy is a very mobile fighter, and moves constantly in combat. She will usually dance around an opponent, throwing quick jabs and kicks, and then follow up with a throw. Her Cannon Drill is a favorite technique, and it involves her hurling herself feet first across the battle field to impact a target. Her Spinning Foot Sweep is used to take down a crowd of foes, while her Spinning Back Fist, which is really two strikes in rapid succession is


Cammy is loyal and dedicated to the aims of the SAS. She enjoys the thrill and danger of SAS missions, and can be counted on to be in the thick of things if trouble happens. She is also troubled about her missing memories, and wonders who she really is what where she come from. This introspection makes her troubled and depressed at times, but her natural good humor usually sees her through.

Cammy Quotes:

"Your missing teeth will remind you of my victory"
"You must enjoy being beat, let me remodel your face one more time"