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Name: Charlie Nash
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs
Blood Type: AB
Date of Birth: February 22, 1972
Home Land: United States Of America

Charlie was a student of biology at an American university. Despite his bookish ways, he was also a superb martial artist, and won several U.S. tournaments before joining the U.S. Air Force. He quickly distinguished himself and eventually rose to the rank of lieutenant. His best friend since basic training was Guile, and the two had great respect for each other. In 1987, Charlie and Guile were sent on a mission to Cambodia, where their entire special forces unit was captured by Shadowlaw troops under the command of M.Bison. The unit became the test subjects for a violent drug called DOLL, and all other members of the force ended up killing each other. After several months of imprisonment, Charlie and Guile finally escaped, but they were seperated during the perilous trek back to civilization. Charlie arrived back at his base and told his superiors of Bison's illicit activities. Realizing Bison's threat, Charlie was sent on a mission to bring in Bison for his crimes. Eager to bring such an evil man to justice, Charlie left without waiting for any word on Guile. Charlie tracked Bison down in Southeast Asia, and confronted him. He charged Bison with drug trafficking, murder, and other charges too numerous to count. Underestimating his opponent, Charlie found himself overpowered by his adversary and was left for dead after a brutal attack from behind. Charlie survived, and quickly renewed his search for Bison. Several months later, he discovered that Shadowlaw had moved it's base of operations to Brazil. He set out for the new base, and found himself once again facing the man that had slaughtered his entire unit. This time Charlie got the upper hand, and was just about to defeat the drug lord when he was shot in the back by a Shadowlaw soldier. He plummeted down the waterfall he and Bison had been fighting near and was once again presumed dead. Guile, who after returning to the base had been sent to back Charlie up, arrived in Brazil after the fight. He found evidence of Shadowlaw activity, but they had already evacuated the base. He also found Charlie's bloody dogtags at the top of the waterfall, and swore vengeance against Bison for Charlie's death. Incredibly, Charlie was not dead. The gunshot wound had been a mere graze and he managed to avoid hitting any rocks on his way down the waterfall. He nontheless was severely injured, and spent several months recuperating. Deterimined to bring in Bison once and for all, Charlie set out for Thailand, were it was rumoured Bison was assembling a massive Psycho Drive to regenerate his powers. This time, he met allies along the way. An Interpol group led by Chun-Li was targeting Bison's Thailand base as well, and they quickly accepted Charlie's help. When they arrived at the base, Charlie recieved a surprise: Guile was waiting there for them. Both were releived to see that the other was allright, but Guile had orders to bring Charlie back. Feeling that victory was finally at hand, Charlie refused, and he and Guile nearly got into a fight. However, the Interpol forces managed to break inside the base and the two friends followed them inside. They located the Psycho Drive chamber, and Charlie set timed explosives near the device. They were about to leave when Bison returned. During the battle that followed, Charlie attacked Bison and was fatally injured. Knowing that he was going to die anyway, Charlie ordered the troops to evacuate while he held Bison off. The Interpol group had to drag Guile out and barely escaped before the base exploded. Bison escaped as well, but his source of power had been destroyed. Charlie had died a hero attempting to end Bison's threat once and for all.