Chun-Li's Moves Biography  Tutorial  Moves 
 Special Moves
 Lightning Kick: (can be preformed in the air)
 Energy Blast
 Sweeping Kick
 Aerial Knee: (while in the air)
 Aerial Spin Kick: (while in the air)
 Energy Ball: Slow
 Energy Ball: Medium
 Energy Ball: Fast
 Whirl Wind Kick: Short
 Whirl Wind Kick: Medium
 Whirl Wind Kick: Long
 Rising Kick: Low
 Rising Kick: Medium
 Rising Kick: High
 Triple Jump:
 Super Combos
 Super Energy Blast
 Super Lightning Kick
 Super Rising Kick
 V.I.P. Moves (Special V.I.P. only moves)
 Special Moves
 Heat Seeker
 Super Moves
Tornado Kick

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