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To become a skilled fighter with chun li you must first know here ups and downs so lets clear that up first. One of chun lis best defensive monomers is her triple jump it is extremely helpful and can get you out of some tight spots. To do this just super jump and then press up and she will jump again this is very helpful and keeps your opponents on there toes. Also you need to know how to use this to help you use your super moves by landing behind your opponents and catching them off guard then pulling a super move. Also to be a affective Chun li user you need to know what your opponents weaknesses.

Ryu vs. Chun li
Ryu is a ground fighter and can do some tricks in the air so watch out for them when you go to do a triple jump. The best way to beat a ryu is try and stay on the ground until he throws a attack at you then jump into the air land behind him and pull off a super. After the super continuo to attack him by doing some spinning bird kicks also to do whirlwind kicks continuously just press back while you are doing one then when you land do it again. When you have a ryu in the corner use your energy blast to gain levels quickly. After you have gave him a beating in the corner jump to the other side of the screen and start unleashing super balls then for a nice combo finish do a super ball to a whirlwind kick to a rising kick (If your rising kicks connects all the way chun li will land first) then land and do a super energy blast.

Wolverine vs. Chun li
Wolver¡ne is a ground fighter and is a good character for getting people into a corner you do not want to let a wolver¡ne get you in a corner chun li has little to get out of a corner and if you do get stuck in the corner use a super ball and then triple jump this is risky but that’s all you can do in a corner with a wolver¡ne. Never use a super special when you are in a corner with wolver¡ne and he is attacking you his claw attacks are fast and can cancel your super easily. What you need to do is switch off from a defensive and offensive mode all through the match do a lot of jumping and be sure to watch out for his drill claw when you jump up into the air. When you have a wolver¡ne user almost dead and every time he gains a level he heals get your levels up and when you reach 3 get behind him and unleash your supers this will make him loses a lot of health and loses the match it works for me every time!

Sentinel vs. Chun li
Well you are in a bad spot if you are facing a sentinel user. Whatever you do stay out of the air as much as possible mostly all of his attacks go into the air the best thing you can do is use a lot of super ball and stop his attacks. Get your level up and then jump (witch is a risky move to take) behind him start doing some lighting kicks then a super ball and then unleash your super energy blast. After you do this once the special is over the sentinel will turn around and start attacking use your whirlwind kick to get away from him and get some extra hits on him. I have had many people ask how do you block his super well his super is quit slow and you may be able to launch a super ball at him to stop it or just use a helper!

Akuma vs. Chun li
Akuma is a air and ground fighter so he is a little bit of a match for you. When he has a level and jumps in the air do a whirlwind kick to get under him because he is most likely to use a special he has when you land under him and he is doing his special unleash your super energy blast on him for some great hit points but when he comes down from the ground always watch out for his Raging Demon when he uses it launch a super ball a whirlwind kick or a super to block it if he hits you with it you might as well give up because it takes a lot of your health. Use some of the strategies used agents ryu agents him they are both much alike.

Spider Man vs. Chun li Well your in for a hard air fight if you are fighting a Spider Man user most of all spider mans attacks are used in the air so try not to be in the air to long. His spidy sense is very hard to get passed so ya might as well jump behind him when you do a special or just wait for him to come at you from the air and BAM hit him with all you got. Once you get him in a corner or on the ground keep him there as long as you can don’t let him get back into the air. One way to knock him out of the air is chun lis rising spin kick a real good way to get him down. Well all I got to say is keep him on the ground is your only hope!

Cyc|ops vs. Chun li

Cyc|ops a very easy character to beat he is like a sentinel and ryu combined so just stay up and down keep him confused till ya get a good chance to take him out. Watch out for his optic blast and cyclone kicks they are probably the only threat to you so when he starts launching them get up into the air and get behind him then use a super special!

Chun li vs. Chun li
Well this can be a long battle if you know the weaknesses of chun li use them so just whenever your opponent is about to land go in and start giving them a beating there is no real strategy with a chun li vs. chun li fight it is just the best chun li will come out on top

Writen by: abc345

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