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 Special Moves
 Optic Cannon
 Optic Cannon: Low

 Double Jump
 Downward Strike: (while in the air)
 Diving Hard Kick: (while in the air)

 Vertical Blast
 Optic Sweep
 Aerial Optic Blast: (while in the air)

 Optic Blast: Low
 Optic Blast: Medium
 Optic Blast: High

 Optic Burst: low (stronger than Optic Blast)
 Optic Burst: medium (stronger than Optic Blast)
 Optic Blast: (same as Optic Blast: high)

 Cyclone Kick: Short
 Cyclone Kick: Medium
 Cyclone Kick: Long

 Gene Splice: Low
 Gene Splice: Medium
 Gene Splice: High

 Rapid Attack

 Super Combos
 Directional Optic Blast: (can be preformed in the air)
 Giga Directional Blast: (level 2)
 Giga Optic Blast: (level 2)
 Optic Explosion: (Level 3)

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