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Name: Robber L. Drake
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs
Blood Type: ?
Date of Birth: August 1, 1979
Home Land: United States Of America

Born to a working class family, Robert Drake lived a seemingly normal life until he hit puberty; then his mutant powers, the abilities to freeze moisture in the air around his body and control and contort it to make objects, developed. At first, he tried to hide his powers from everyone, including his parents, but that was not to be the case.

On the way home from a date with Judy Harmon, the two were attacked by Rocky Beasely, a local bully, and his friends. To protect Judy from danger, Bobby encased Rocky in ice. Judy, of course, was ungrateful. And, shortly thereafter, the townspeople heard of Robert's portray of powers and, feeling him a threat to their community, formed a lynch mob to attack and overpower the young Drake. Luckily, the sheriff of the town intervened and took Bobby into custody for his own protection.

While in jail, Bobby was approached by Cyclops, who had been sent by Xavier, to join the X-Men. The two began fighting, only for the lynch mob to show up, resulting in them almost being hanged. Professor Xavier intervened and erased the townspeople's memories of Robert's powers. Grateful, Drake took a position at the school and on the X-Men.

The second student of the school, Bobby took the name "Iceman" and quickly found his nitch on the team as the prankster. It was his only outlet for emotion at times, feeling overshadowed because he was the youngest member of the team and wasn't great in the use of his powers. Self doubt aside, Drake quickly became friends with Henry McCoy, the X-man known as "Beast," a bond that lasts to this day.

Shortly after the X-Men were formed, they investigated the island Karoka, only to find out that it was alive and be captured by it. Xavier then enlisted a new batch of X-Men to save his old, led by Cyclops, who had managed to escape the island and report back to the mansion. After being rescued, the original X-Men, except Cyclops, felt that they were no longer needed in Xavier's ranks and left the team to persue their own goals.

During this down time from the X-Men, Bobby went to college where he majored in accounting, joined the Champions, joined the New Defenders, and eventually teamed up with his former team mates under the guise of government enlisted mutant hunters as X-Factor. X-Factor, too, was short lived and eventually replaced by a newer team after the originals rejoined the X-Men.

Back in the ranks of the X-Men, Robert saw his powers develop even further. Mikhail Rasputain, the brother of Colossus, was the first to mess with Drake's powers, turning him into pure ice and then into water and proving that Iceman had vast potential powerwise. Later, Drake's body was temporarily taken over by Emma Frost, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, who had just lost the majority of her students, the Hellions, to Fitzroy. Frost used Iceman's powers in ways he never would have dreamed and grew some respect for Bobby as a result. Iceman, however, found that he couldn't control his powers as well after the White Queen had tampered with him, so he pleaded with her and, with her help, regained control. And, during a battle with Onslaught's herald, Post, Iceman had a hole put through his chest where his heart was, only to find that any damaged that was sustained to his being while in pure ice form, thankfully, didn't effect his normal body.

A short time later, Drake had to leave the ranks of the X once more to take care of his father, who had been beaten by Graydon Creed's men for speaking out against mutant persecution. Drake's father had long been considered a bigot for hating anything and everything that he didn't see as normal (read: white), causing a rift between him and his son. However, there seemed to be some change of the elder Drake's heart after the Onslaught debacle. It is unclear as to what the catalyst behind the change was, but, whatever the case may be, Drake ended up nearly dead. Bobby took it upon himself to ensure his dad rehabilitated to the full extent and took some time off to do so.

Iceman later returned to the X-Men during Operation: Zero Tolerance and came into his own as a leader of a rag tag group of new X-Men, including Dr. Cecilia Reyes, Marrow, and Sabra. Their mission was to stop Bastion at all costs, and they succeeded. All but Sabra then joined the X-Men full time.

Bobby later moved to Alaska with the other originals to start new lives away from the X-Men. But, even in Alaska, they found themselves fighting evil (in the form of crows). Unnerved, the X-Men once again returned to the Westchester mansion, and Bobby left again, presumably to take care of his father.

Drake wasn't seen again until it was revealed that he was a member of the Twelve. He was captured by Deathbird, who had taken on the role of "War" in Apocalypse's Horsemen. Apocalypse wanted to harness the powers of the Twelve to start a world where he would rule. He failed, but the X-Men lost their leader and long time friend, Cyclops, as a result when he merged with Apocalypse in a last ditch attempt to stop him from merging with Nate Grey. Afterwards, Iceman once again left the team.

Recently, Bobby teamed up with Jean Grey, Juggernaught, Toad, and Mystique to travel to the past under the guide of Prosh to unravel keys to the future of mutant kind.