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Name: Tony Stark
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 192 lbs
Blood Type: B
Date of Birth: June 09, 1964
Home Land: United States of America

Tony Stark was born of Howard and Maria Stark. Howard founded Stark Industries, America's leading munitions manufacturer during the cold war. Howard wanted a strong, athletic son; however, Tony was a bookworm and Howard did not like that. Howard was also an alcoholic and took his frustrations out on Tony.

Tony was shipped off to a boarding school at the tender young age of seven. While there, he made few friends, instead finding solace in his books. Tony went on to graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in physics and engineering, while still a teenager.

Tragedy struck: his parents were killed in a car accident, and Tony became the owner and CEO of Stark Industries, where he could put his skill with electronics to good use. Stark Industries soon became the world's leading innovator in elecronics.

Tony took a trip to Vietnam to visit a Stark Industries plant there. While there, he stepped on a land mine and his body was riddled with shrapnel, some of which began to move towards his heart. Tony was then captured by Wong Chu, a communist warlord. Wong then demanded that Tony build him a mighty weapon before he died. With the help of Professor Ho Yinsen, another captive of Wong Chu's, he created a chestplate of iron to keep his heart beating, and built around the chestplate, a battlesuit that greatly improved his strength.

After escaping from Vietnam, Tony Stark went to New York and painted his armor gold, and then became a founding member of the Avengers.