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Name: Ken Masters
Height: 175cm
Weight: 72km
Blood Type: O
Date of Birth: February 14th, 1965
Home Land: United States of America

Ken has been in every Street Fighter game, since 1987's Street Fighter. Although he has changed little, his aggressive style ensures he is always fun to play as.

Ken studied Shotokan Karate in Japan under a figure known as Gouken, alongside a young Japanese man named Ryu. The two students became close friends and fighting rivals. Where Ryu focussed on patience and peace, Ken's fighting style was faster and more aggressive.

At the end of their training, Ken and Ryu fought a decisive battle (probably as part of the first Street Fighter tournament), which Ryu won. Ken has been itching to settle the score ever since. At the age of around seventeen Ken left the dojo to seek competition in his homeland of the United States, while Ryu toured Asia. In America, Ken met a girl called Eliza who he later married and the couple had a boy named Mel.

In Street Fighter III another student of Shotokan Karate named Sean appears, who has adopted Ken as his idol, and wants a fight.


Although he's never mentioned in the games besides 'master', it's believed that Ken's master was named Gouken, that he was the brother of Akuma (Gouki) and that they both studied under Goutetsu.