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Name: Arkady Rossovich
Height: 6' 11".
Weight: 425 lbs.
Blood Type: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Home Land: former Soviet Republic

Omega Red has super-human strength and endurance, but his most unique features are his tentacles that extend from under his forearms. These tentacles are made of Carbonadium, giving them enhanced material strength. Omega Red's "death factor" releases a type of pheremone that causes people to feel ill and collapse. He is then able to psionically leech off their life force in order to heal himself (in vampiric fashion).

OR's history prior to his creation into Omega Red has yet to be revealed. His Omega Red identity was created years ago by a Soviet government agency -- much like Canada's "Weapon X" program. However, during his creation, the covert team known as Team X crashed the project base to steal a "Carbonadium synthesizer" device. Omega Red fought Team X, as the device was the only thing keeping his "death factor" in check. He was defeated, and without the device, Omega Red went into a death-like coma. In recent years, Matsuo Tsurayaba (of the criminal agency, the Hand) used mystic and scientific rites to revive Omega Red for his own lackey -- and the sacrifice of life allowed his "death factor" to become manageable.

OR became involved with Shellhead almost by accident. While Iron Man flew to Boca Caliente (the criminal group A.I.M.'s headquarters) to renegotiate a nuclear materials deal, Red was on a mission to find and kill MODAM, whom he believed was actually former KGB operative Olinka Barankova, a woman who had betrayed him. Iron Man was initially hip to leave the two alone...until A.I.M. head Brannex made a deal with Shellhead -- "keep MODAM alive and you'll get your nuke materials back!" It was a deal Iron Man couldn't refuse. One thing kept Iron Man alive against Omega Red -- the fact that Tony Stark was using the Telepresence Armor against him. As a result, Red's "death factor" had no effect on Iron Man, nor allowed impalement by his Carbonadium coils