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Name: Charles Xavier
Height: 10' 11"
Weight: 896 lbs
Blood Type: ?
Date of Birth: ?
Home Land: United States Of America

Charles Xavier is perhaps the world's most powerful mutant, and a strong believer that humans and mutants can live together in peace despite their differences. In his early adulthood, he had been friends with Magneto, but the two parted when they had a serious argument about their respective philosophies.

Xavier went on to form the X-Men, a group of teenage mutants who fought to preserve his dream. Xavier was an inspiration to mutants and non-mutants alike, but even the strongest individuals can succumb to weakness.

After years of enmity with Magneto, Xavier had seen his old friend slaughter too often. When Magneto ripped Wolverine's adamantium skeleton out of his body, Xavier had seen enough, and thus completely wiped his adversary's memory. Although Magneto later recovered, the incident would come back to haunt Xavier in more ways than one.

His contact with Magneto's mind caused the dark side of his psyche to grow, and it eventually manifested itself as the massively powerful psionic entity known as Onslaught. The malevolant creature was the power of Charles Xavier combined with the amplified villainy of Magneto.

Onslaught terrorized Earth in a way even Apocalypse had not done, and it took the sacrifice of a great many heroes to stop him. Now, Onslaught is back, and he is prepared to meet the combined forces of the superheroes once again.