Onslaught  (playable hidden character) Biography  Tutorial  Moves 
Onslaught may only be used in 2on1 tag, 1on1, and Quick Games.
Wins and losses DO NOT go onto any players High Score, while using Onslaught.

 2 on 1 Tag
  • Host a 2 on 1 tag match.
  • Place 2 opponents on Team #2, and Start the game.
  • At the character select screen, choose Hulk as your helper.
 1 on 1 and Quick Games*
  • Host a 1 on 1 or Quick game
  • At the character select screen, choose Venom as your helper.
  • Your opponent must select Venom as their helper, or be given him randomly.**
* After extensive research this procedure works most often in 1 on 1 and quick games.  Because of LAG and lost packets of data. Players may not always receive their desired helper.

** Your opponent will receive Spiral as their helper,and not Venom.

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