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Name: Elizabeth Braddock
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 135 lbs
Blood Type: XY
Date of Birth: May 16 1963
Home Land: United Kingdom

Betsy and her brothers are the children of an interdimensional being, Doctor James Braddock, and all have superhuman abilities as a result of their father's origins. Her twin brother, Brian Braddock, is this dimension's current Captain Britain (I).

In the early 1980s, Betsy alternated between modelling and working as an agent with S.T.R.I.K.E. She briefly replaced Brian as Captain Britain (II) in 1986 when asked to do so by R.C.X., but was blinded by Slaymaster. Brian resumed his role as Captain Britain, and Betsy left for Switzerland to recuperate. While there, she found that her telepathic senses helped compensate for her lack of sight, but did not make up for her loss.

Mojo kidnapped Psylocke from Switzerland that August, and gave her artificial eyes. This apparent act of philanthropy was, however, a means of influencing Psylocke's actions and providing live footage for Mojo's interdimensional mass media corporation. When the Mutant Alliance rescued her, Psylocke offered to stay with the team, and they accepted her, just as Mojo knew they would.

As time passed, Mojo's control over Psylocke increased. Her feelings for Longshot were heightened by Mojo, who had Psylocke deliver Longshot to him as a captive. The Mutant Alliance helped Psylocke free herself from Mojo's influence and rescue Longshot (8 October 1987), and in retaliation Mojo stopped Psylocke's artifical eyes leaving his dimension. Once again blind, Psylocke left the Alliance and returned to the United Kingdom.

Betsy participated in a number of adventures and missions over the next few years, helping battle the Brain's Eurostar and her nemesis, Mojo. At the start of 1991, she left for an extended holiday in the Far East. While at Vladiostok, the Hand kidnapped her at the Mandarin's order. The Mandarin had captured Kwannon, a ninja about whom little is known, and used his ten rings of power to merge Betsy and Kwannon into a single person (3 February 1991).

Before he could do much more, however, Admiral Galen-Kor's Kree forces snatched away the merged Psylocke for his fake X-Men team. Psylocke and the others were brainwashed and trained for three months before being used to lure the New York X-Men away from the New York mansion before the Kree forces struck at the abdicated Shi'Ar empress, Lilandra (7 May, 1991). In the aftermath of the attack, the Kree-trained X-Men were accepted as reinforcements for the depleted San Francisco team that relocated to New York in June 1991.

Like the others, the Kree-induced conditioning gradually wore off on Psylocke. As it did, Betsy's personality traits came more to the fore, and Kwannon's receded. Psylocke and Black Lightning began an ill-fated romance, ending shortly after the remnants of Black Lighting's conditioning disappeared and he left the X-Men in September 1992, unable to continue as an active member. She became a member of the San Francisco X-Men with the merger in December 1992, and is currently Cannonball's deputy leader.

As the most experienced of the current team's telepaths, Psylocke worked especially closely with Stellar throughout the second half of 1992, treating Bastion's victims and refining her telepathic powers. They grew increasingly close, until Stellar moved into Psylocke's bedroom (4 February 1993) and they came out as a couple.