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Name: Ryu Hoshi
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Blood Type: 0
Date of Birth: July 21, 1964
Home Land: Japan

Ryu was orphaned as a child,and he was taken in by a foster father, who gave him to the Shotokan Karate master Gouken. Ryu also trained with a young American named Ken Masters, and, to a lesser extent, Dan Habiki. Dan was eventually kicked out for wanting to use Karate for his own personal reasons. Ryu and Ken both had their distinct styles, with Ryu going with the perfection of his fighting techniques, and Ken going for style over substance. Unfortunately, Gouken was murdered in a fight by another Shotokan martial artist - his evil brother Gouki, known now as Akuma. (NOTE: Gouken and Akuma were taught by their master Gotetsu, but Gotetsu was killed when Akuma released the forbidden "Raging Demon" death attack on him). However, Ryu and Ken didn't know that Gouken was murdered. They went their own seperate ways. Ryu decided he would become a great fighter, and took whatever little belongings he had and traveled the world looking for worthy opponents to challenge him. He, along with Ken, participated in the first ever Street Fighter tournament. Ryu defeated the early competition, and he was in the final battle when he met his first true foe: the Muay Thai master and "King of Street Fighters" . Ryu narrowly won the battle by defeating Sagat with his nely discovered lethal Shoryuken Dragon Punch , and it left Sagat a huge scar in his chest. The scar also showed the untapped powers Ryu had within his fighting potential. After winning the Street Fighter tournament, Ryu went on to seek more competition, but before the next Street Fighter tournament began, he found himself within a major battle with other fighters.

Ryu realized that Akuma killed his master. Ken was searching for Ryu. Sagat was bent on revenge with his SF loss. M. Bison, the leader of Shadowlaw, was trying to capture Ryu and make him become his personal fighting killer. Sakura, a high-school girl who had the unusual love for fighting, was searching for her hero (Ryu). During a fight with Akuma, Akuma told Ryu to beware of an "evil intent"... Ryu didn't know what he was talking about, so he went searching for this "evil intent". Then he met Rose, a psychic who warns Ryu of his journey in finding the truth to the story... when his journey ended, he realized that M. Bison was the person with the "evil intent" (aka. his "Psycho Powers")... after Ryu defeated Bison, M. Bison fired one last Psycho Blast which hit Ryu... the evilness of the shot absorbed into Ryu's body and Ryu was starting to feel the effects... however, Ryu was fighting it off and he thought of his friends and rivals... Ryu's inner energy defeated the psycho power and he finished off Bison with a final Dragon Punch. After going through the war, Ryu was still in search for more fighting competition. In Street Fighter 2, Ryu, along with his friend Ken, and a few allies (Interpol Agent Chun Li, Ex-Special Forces member Guile, and a bunch of others) were in the tournament; each with their own plans of entering the tournament, but all their paths led to the Shadowloo Overlord M. Bison and his Grand Masters (former boxer Balrog, Spanish ninja assassin Vega, and Sagat).

The SF2 tournament lasted for a LONG time because more challengers participated in the fighting ruckus. Akuma also made a mysterious appearance, but in the end, the good guys had won the war. While the good guys celebrated their victory, Ryu left the scene and went in search of more fighters. Some time after his encounter with Bison, Ryu discovered another tournament, but was unknown to it's host. He decided to join, and also sent an invitation for his friend Ken to accompany him, for they had not seen each other since Ken's marriage. They encountered new opponents, each with styles for the most part different of those from their previous adventure. At the end, they encountered Gill, some half-blue, half red weirdo with strange elemental powers. After he was beaten(there isn't an official story, so I can't really mention a true victor), Ken went back to his family, but first dropped off Ryu off somewhere in California. Since then, Ryu continues to search the world for worthy fighters to test his skills on...