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Name: Sakura Hiyuroshi
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Blood Type: B+
Date of Birth: January 05 1982
Home Land: Japan

Sakura's interest in street fighting has increased a lot in the past few years. Since the beginning, Sakura was just a normal Japanese girl living with a normal family and living a normal life. However, something gave birth inside her, and all of a sudden, a unusual interest for fighting surged inside her. Then, Sakura decided to take classes with several martial arts masters, however, none of them had a special influence over her. She began to think that she would never find the inspiration she needed, and was about to quit out. However, she read in the newspapers about a certain man named Ryu, who had recently won the "King of Street Fighters" tournament defeating the champion Sagat. Suddenly, Sakura instantly thought that he was the man that she would take the example after.

Sakura began to learn about the Shotokan Karate, and soon took brief notices of the main secret techniques of the martial art. She felt that she would make Ryu proud if she became stronger, so she trained even harder. Her best friend, Kei, doesn't know why a young girl such as Sakura should be risking herself by fighting, and always missing out classes. After running into three college men, and giving them a lesson after they tried to abuse them, it was pretty clear for Sakura that she should see Ryu personally to ask him to be her master, and really be the hero she should be to represent Tokyo in the Street fighter tournement.

DARK SAKURA: After further investigation, and in the alternate universe of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Sakura discovered the secrets of the Dark Shotokan, and unknown of it's dark intentions, she unsealed the secrets, and thus, becoming an evil copy of herself. But, like Ryu, she wasn't truly evil, so she wasn't possesed by demons, and after surpassing the evil temptation, Sakura decided to make a "good" variation of the Shun Goku Shatsu, without any risk of killing the other enemy: the "Spring Hell Death".

SPECIAL SAKURA (Sailor colors Sakura): This is just a Sakura who ties to imitate the colors of the Sailor Moon manga/anime series. She also has a Sailor Moon-like move like a Rising Slam. It seems that Sakura also likes to see a lot of manga/anime besides fighting (a normal girl, after all :)