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Name: R.O.T.- 13 SENTINEL
Height: 18'9"
Weight: 26,000 lbs
Blood Type: N/A
Date of Birth:
Home Land: United States Of America

The X-Men first appeared in public when they battled the mutant terrorist known as Magneto, Master of Magnetism, who had captured the American missile base at Cape Citadel. The U.S. military was grateful to the X-Men for driving off the would-be conqueror, and the youngsters were regarded as heroes -- initially, at least. However, fear and distrust of their kind continued to mount, reaching new heights when noted anthropologist Bolivar Trask announced the existence of his mutant-hunting Sentinel robots.

The robots were unleashed upon the world to seek out,and either capture or destroy any mutant they came in contact with. This was a dark era for the inhabitants of earth. Most mutants tried desperately to conceal them selves from the human race,yet still live with them. In some areas of the world mutant were welcome and given safe harbor from the ever watchfull SENTINELS. Thai Land is one of these places,here they openly held tournaments. Tournaments where people possesing great powers,could "let loose" their abilities,for all to see. One tournament inpeticulare was the Street Fighter Tournaments. These battles attracted fighters of all make,color, and bread. All for one soul purpose,to find out..."Who is the worlds strongest fighter!". Plus the victor would take home a hansome prize.

Ramping up its efforts to tame the evolution of mutant kind. Strickly focusing to stamp out this kind of rebelion. The World Governments approached Dr. Trask and offered to secretly fund, and supply him raw materials to create a vasly improved version of the R.O.T 12 SENTINEL.Being a greedy man,and a mutant hater,Dr. Trask leap at the opportunity.

Upon completion of the prototype R.O.T. 13. Most mutant had gone under ground, after seeing the R.O.T. 12 SENTINELS in action a year earlier. Times were quite, and not many mutant siting had been reported and few of the original R.O.T. 12 units were operational. However,the world news was announcing the date of an upcoming mutant gathering. This was the perfect time for Dr. Trask to send his R.O.T. 13 SENTINEL on it's maiden voyage. It's first target... the Street Fighter Tournament,Thailand.

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