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Name: Shuma Gorath
Height: 9' 0"
Weight: 326 lbs
Blood Type: (unknown)
Date of Birth: (unknown)
Home Land: (unknown)

Shuma is a manifestation of the Ancient One's darkside. It possess all of the Ancient one's abilities and is the embodiment of pure evil. When faced with another creature, Shuma transforms into his opponents worst nightmare !!

Shuma is an enemy of Dr. Strange. In his dimension, he was the Sorceror Supreme, as Strange is the Sorceror Supreme of the Marvel Universe. At first he was good, but eventually events transpired to make him hate his people, and he got mad and went on a hunt for power like Thanos did with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Unlike Thanos, he succeeded, and destroyed every living person, planet, star, galaxy, and even the fabric of space itself in his dimension until he was that dimension's entire universe. His lust for power was not satiated, so he traveled to other dimensions, destroying their universes as well.

Until he came to Earth and went against Dr. Strange who, after Shuma pulled him into the `Chaos Dimension' used the Eye of Armaggaddon (it contains the mystical power of every known dimension) to seal Shuma in his own dimension, as Strange himself escaped. Apparently Shuma has now escaped his dimension, and need to forfil his infinite hunger...