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How Spiderman ranks against other characters:

Spiderman is great against Ryu. Since Spiderman can counter most of Ryu's moves, eg hadoken with web ball and Tetsumaki with Spider Kick, he can keep countering his moves untill he gets closer to him. Another tip for fighting against Ryu, try Super Jumping then do a Spider Kick across to the other side of the screen. Then your behind him and attack him with a super (if a super is charged) or just do some simple combos, because since Ryu's only anti - air attack is Shoryuken, and it isn't very accurate and Spider Kick is fast, you can get across the screen with ease.

Spiderman's Strengths against Ryu:
1) Ryu isn't as fast as Spiderman, so Ryu is an easy target for Attacks such as Air Web Balls, because Ryu won't have time to move out of the way, and Ryu can't counter it.
2) Ryu is unable to counter some of Spiderman's moves, like mentioed above, Air Web Ball, and Spider Kick, because the Spider Kick just knocks straight into Ryu.

Spiderman's Weakness's against Ryu:
1) If Spiderman does one of his supers on Ryu, they are easy to block, since they are slow at starting.
2) Ryu can do Hadoken's faster, and you can be more accurate with them, other than Air Web Ball. Which is hard to aim at the opponent.

Cyclops is probaly one of Spiderman's worst opponents to face. Since Cyclops is probaly about the same speed as Spiderman, he can evenly match him on the ground or in the air. Like with Ryu, try to get behind Cyclops as much as possible, but it would be hard because of Cyclops's Optic Blast's.

Spiderman's Strength's against Cyclops:
1) Spiderman's Spider Kick is alot faster than Cyclops's Cyclone Kick, so if Cyclops is about to hit you with a Cyclone Kick, you can easily counter him with a Spider Kick.
2) If Cyclops is doing alot Projectile attacks (optic blast, optic sweep etc) then Spiderman can do a Super Jump and Spider Kick to get to the other side of Cyclops, so you can counter his Optic Blasts with a couple of Web Balls or a Spider Kick, or maybe even a Super if you have one charged. If you do have one charged, I'd do a Web Sting or Crawler Assault.

Spiderman's Weakness's against Cyclops:
1) Cyclops has quicker Projectiles than Spiderman. Say if Spiderman did a Web Ball, Cyclops could counter it with an Low Optic Blast, and if Spiderman did an Air Web Ball, Cyclops could counter it with a High Optic Blast.
2) Spiderman is easy to get clsoe to and hit into the corner. If Cyclops get's you in the corner, your dead. Because if it's a good Cyclops user, they could easily combo together moves untill you get KO'd. So watch out for that.

Wolverine is a pretty easy target for Spiderman. Since Spiderman is fast and has a couple of projectile moves and Wolverine doesn't, it's pretty easy for Spiderman to counter Wolverines attacks. Wolverines lack of projectiles also makes him an easy target for the Spider Kick, unless a good Wolverine player can counter it with a Drill Claw or Beserker Barrage, but you should beable to hit him.

Spiderman's Strengths against Wolverine:
1) Speed. Spiderman is alot faster than Wolverine, so he can easily avoid him, and easily counter or avoid his moves.
2) Spiderman can easily counter most of Wolverine's moves. Since Wolverine does'nt have any projectile moves, if Wolverine does any moves that might take alot of damage from Spiderman, Spiderman can just do a Web Ball to cancel out the move.

Chun Li:
Chun Li also is one of Spiderman's worst opponents. Why? Her Triple Jump. It makes it so easy for her to get past all of Spiderman's moves, then she just ends up behind and can attack with her strong attacks. Usually, Spiderman doesn't stand a chance against Chun Li, she's just to fast for him. And her strong attacks make it harder. Only a skilled Spiderman user can overcome Chun Li.

Spiderman's Strength's against Chun Li:
1) Chun Li's lack of being able to do an air fireball. Spiderman's Air Web Ball can easily hit Chun Li, and Spiderman's Web Ball can counter her other fireball projectile.
2) Faster Kick Move. Spiderman's Spider Kick is alot faster than Chun Li's Sen'en Shuu. It can also cancel it out with ease.

3 words. Spiderman Destroys Sentinal. Because, well, look at Sentinal's size! Sentinal is easily Spiderman's easiest opponent. Sentinal doesn't stand a chance against Spiderman.

Spiderman's Strength's against Sentinal:
1) For one, Sentinal's size. Spiderman can just destroy Sentinal, because of how big and slow he is.
2) Sentinal's lack of moves. Since Sentinal has got hardly any moves. Spiderman has the advantage over him because Spiderman has a variety of moves.

Spiderman's Weakness's against Sentinal:
1) Sentinal's Sentinal Force, since it can go in several directions quite fast, it makes jumping behind Sentinal quite hard, and also it can cancel out projectiles. Like Web Ball.
2) Sentinal's Sentinal Beam, it can stop Spiderman from jumping and also cancel out his Projectiles.

Spiderman is your hardest enemy. Why? One simple reason. Because he has the same moves as you! All you need to do to beat down Spiderman with counter attacks and close range attacks. Thats all you can really do to him!

Summary: This is just an overall summary of how well Spiderman does against all the other characters. (These are not offcial, these are just estimations)

Spiderman wins, best out of 10 vs *
Ryu 8
Cyclops 6
Wolverine 7
Chun Li 5
Sentinal 10
Spiderman 7

Writen by: Kingryu