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Name: Ricochet Rita
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Blood Type: ?
Date of Birth: ?
Home Land: Mojoworld

Ricochet Rita was a movie stuntwoman and a former rodeo cowgirl who loved animals. Rita had a pet parrot and a few other animals living under her roof. Soon, though, Rita met Longshot who she seemed to be in love with. Mojo soon got a hold of Rita and had her tied to prow of an interdimensional ship and the shock of seeing so much made her catatonic. Eventually Doctor Strange was able to bring Rita out of this catatonic state and once recovered she went back to helping Longshot and she fought Spiral, a six-armed nuisance of a woman. At that moment Longshot returned to Mojoworld and Rita jumped in the portal after him, because she truly loved him.

The vicious Mojo once again captured Rita sometime after. Mojo had his scientist, Arize, engineer Rita into Spiral (and the experiment drove Rita, Spiral, to insanity). Through some sort of time loop Spiral and Rita are able to exist at the same time. Spiral’s curse was that she was doomed to betray and fight her previous lover, Longshot. Rita is currently somewhere in Mojoworld, yet her whereabouts are unknown. As for Spiral her journey has just started…

Spiral soon became a member of Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. A bit later Spiral was introduced to the Freedom Force and was one of the founding members of it. Spiral was with Freedom Force during their trial-run mission. Spiral enjoyed being on the team for it helped her more in not only finding Longshot, but also in finding her way around the dimension she was living in.

She had no criminal records who problems with the government so she truly didn’t have to stay with Freedom Force, so she left to pursue other things. Another reason Spiral left Freedom Force is because she heard about Longshot and Dazzler reuniting somewhere in the Mojoverse, she was out on the prowl now. Spiral soon helped the X-Teams to find Mojo, so maybe for once her time paradox could be stopped. It seemed her goal was accomplished, though, when Mojo seemingly died.

After this Spiral soon helped with many things. Spiral helped in the transformation of Karma’s children, which helped Mariko and Wolverine save the universe. Spiral was soon subjected to the Crimson Dawn and later fought its dragons along side of Excalibur. Spiral hassled the X-Babies a lot, maybe because Ricochet Rita had helped them. Also Spiral soon went on a rampage in search of Arize, the man who created her.

Ricochet Rita first met Excalibur in an attempt to save the X-babies from cancellation. While rushing them to safety she was separated from them and transformed by Mojo into The Agent who was sent to retrieve them. Though Shadowcat kept them safe in the end the X-babies returned to Mojo in exchange for him freeing Rita from her contract. At the last moment Rita jumped into the portal joining the X-babies, determined to see that they remained safe.

When Shatterstar was trying to discover his past, Spiral had joined Mojo’s side to defeat X-Force. After a battle with Mojo, in which Shatterstar killed the villain, Spiral saved the boy’s life when she transported his soul into the body of the almost dead Benjamin Russell. . In that act of heroism, Spiral revealed to have some very deep feelings for Shatterstar, maybe almost maternal feelings.

Spiral now lurks in the ever-so popular Limbo or maybe in Mojoverse. She and many others shall return, but you never know when Spiral and her faithful always-dying boss Mojo may just come back.