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Name: Logan
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 195 lbs
Blood Type: B
Date of Birth: Unknown
Home Land: Canada

Wolverine's past is shrouded in mystery. There is no known record of his birth, and since his mutant healing ability causes him to age at a considerably slower rate than that of ordindary human beings, his age cannont be estimated. Wolverine has known the assassin Sabertooth for many years, but the nature of their past relationship is unknown. Before Wolverine's skeleton was laced with Adamintium, he served in a war with a group called the Devil's Brigade and later worked as a freelance intellegence operative.

Wolverine's skeleton has been laced with the artificial, virtually indestructable metal called Adamantium, and he has been given artificial Adamantium claws. Adamantium was first developed by the American scientist doctor Myron MacLain. After World War II a Japanese scientist known as Lord Dark Wind developed a process for bonding Adamantium to human bone. Lord Dark Wind thus hoped to create an army of invincible warriors, each with the Adamantium-reinforced skeleton. However, Lord Dark Wind's notes on the process were stolen by an unknown party, and it took him decades to reinvent the process.

It is known that within the last decade James MacDonald Hudson, then the head of Department H, a division of the Canadian government that would eventually form the team of superhuman agents known as Alpha Flight, possesed a report on the process of bonding Adamantium to the humen skeleton, that was translated from Japanese.

Hudson and his wife Heather took a delayed honeymoon in Canada's Wood Buffalo Park. There they were attacked by Logan, who had become savage and anamalistic, and seemingly incapable of speech. Heather wounded Logan with gunfire and the Hudsons brought him to the cabin. James Hudson noticed Logan's fast healing ability and said that he would prove valuable to Department H. James Hudson skiied away, saying he was going to get medical help for Logan, and leaving Heather in the cabin with the unconscious "wild man," whom he had tied to a bed. But a blizzard prevented James Hudson from returning to the cabin, Logan regained consciousness and unwittingly extended his claws, severing his bounds, and then, again unwittingly, retracted the claws. Furious at being trapped in the cabin, Heather Hudson began berating Logan, who, apparently out to attack her, again extended his claws. But then Logan saw the claws for what he claims is the first time he remembers them, and was horrified. Believing that someone had implanted the claws in Logan againest his will, Heather Hudson comforted the despairing Logan until James Hudson returned.

Heather Hudson now suspects that James Hudson may have something to do with implanting the Adamantium in Logan's body and giving him the claws. She also suspects Hudson may have known that they would find Logan in the national park, and that he may have left her alone with Logan in the cabin, hoping she would calm his pain-maddened rage. But as yet Heather Hudson had no proof of these suspicions, and cannot seek conformation from James Hudson, who is now dead.

The two Hudsons had Logan live with them and nursed him back to health. They also worked with Logan day and night until he emerged from his state of shock and regained his human sanity, although Logan was still prey to animalistic rages at times. Logan is unable to recall how he recieved his Adamantium claws and skeleton. Both he and Heather Hudson believe it was the shock of having Adamantium bonded to his skeleton that reduced Logan to the animalistic state in which she found him. It is also unknown whether whoever bonded the Adamantium to Logan's skeleton was indeed working from Lord Dark Wind's notes. Logan was a Canadian secret agent for a time. (It is unknown whether this is the only time in his life that Logan was an intelligence agent or whether he had acted as one before James Hudson found him.) During this time Logan worked with the American intelligence agent Carol Danvers.

Knowing of his special powers, claws, and Adamantium laced skeleton, high Canadian officals decided to make Logan the leader of the group of superhuman agents that would become known as Alpha Flight. Therefore, the Canadian government spent millions both to train Logan of the uses of his abilities and to condition him psychologically in an attempt to control his berserker tendencies. Logan helped James Hudson in the intial phases of creating what would become Alpha Flight, and it was Logan who recruited Aurora for Department H. Logan was originally given the code name of "Weapon X", but he was also known as Wolverine, due to his resemblance of the small but fierce Canadian mammal of that name. As Weapon X he clashed with both the Hulk and a Wendigo.

As part of his attempt to recruitnew members for the X-Men, his team of superhuman mutants, Professor Charles Xavier journeyed to Canada and invited Wolverine to join the team. Logan had fallen in love with Heather Hudson, but he had finally realized that she would never leave her husband for him; her affection for Logan was maternal. Therefore, wanting to put Heather behind him, Logan accepted Xavier's invitation . Wolverine quit Department H and has been an active member of the X-Men ever since. Hudson and the rest of Alpha Flight were ordered by the Canadian government to bring him back by force, but both attempts to capture him ultimately failed. The Canadian government lost interest in forcing Wolverine to return, and Wolverine has since voluntarily aided Alpha Flight members in combat.

Wolverine gained mastery over his berserker tendencies during his struggle againest Japanese criminal leader Shingen Harada and the ninja cult called the Hand. However, although he hates doing so, Logan can still allow himself to go into berserker rages in combat. Logan became engaged to Shingen Harada's daughter Mariko, the current leader of the Yashida clan, but she called off their wedding as a result of her being psionically manipulated by the X-Men's foe Mastermind. Although Mariko Yashida was freed from Mastermind's influence, and although she and Logan still love each other, she will not marry him until she believes she has redeemed herself for calling off the wedding. Logan took under his care Akiko, a young girl who was orphaned when her mother was killed during the devastation wreaked by an alien dragon-like being whom the X-Men battled in Japan. Akiko has become Mariko's ward, and Logan and Mariko regard her as if she were their own daughter.

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