How To Join A Clan

 Joining a Clan is probably one the best things you could do to see that "Clan Wars" are a successfull and prosperous thing for Xmen vs Street Fighter Online.

 To Join a Clan you must follow these simple rules.

1. You may only apply to 1 clan.

2. You may only have 1 username

3. Enter the clan application forum of your choice.

4. State that you would like to join that clan.

5. Wait for a reply from that clans leader.

Kinda easy huh?
 If you sign up for a clan and then later decide to resign from that clan simply make a post in that clans registration forum stating that you have resigned

 So now that you have read and understand how to join a clan.
Click Here to begin your reveiw of our current clans that are accepting applicationss.

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 How Do I Join A Clan?