How To Register Your Clan


1.) You must have 6 members(not including the leader) reply to your registration thread. They must be registered members of Battle Grounds. They must also have different IP addresses.

2.) You must give a detailed description of your clan. A detailed description isn't "Join my clan it's the best!". Tell people what your clan has to offer. Make your clan unique as possable.

3.) When your clan has 6 members besides yourself. Private message an Administrator not a Moderator. And one of the Administrators will check out your claim for a clan. And if everything has meant the requirements. Then you will have a clan forum.

4.) You must be registered at BG for at least one month, and have a decent amount of posts. An Administrator will be the judge of your posts.

It's as simple as that. The one thing I don't want to see.. Is people spamming in this section at ALL!! Only make a post/thread in this section if you want to start/join a clan only! I will not stress this enough.. If I catch you doing this you will be punished.

Also, posting in a thread for the sole purpose of getting the clan back on top view in the section is strictly forbidden as well.

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 How Do I Register A Clan?
 How Do I Join A Clan?