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  Battle Grounds has dedicated a section of its forum, to the groups of people, who have banded together and have started to make clans for Xmen vs. Streetfighter (online).

 Now, What is a Clan? A clan is a group of people, which form a team, who may use the same playing style, characters, or helpers,or have the same type naming conditions for they're nickname, etc.etc.

 Clans can help add more depth to the game, and enable certain new features, such as clan wars, training for new members from the leaders of the clans, intra-clan tournaments/inter-clan tournaments..

 This should really help to add a new level to the game, and really join groups of people together.

 How can Battle Grounds help you?
They are offering to host your clans forum free of charge.  All registered forum members,that successfully create a clan, will get FREE PASSWORD PROTECTED FORUMS for you and your clan members to conduct clan meetings in private.

 How Do I Register A Clan?
 How Do I Join A Clan?