Site News
Finaly an update!

  Well,it's been a while....again.
But at long last i have updated the whats new you ask?
Well the Headline News has changed, in order to get more folks into the whole DWX chronicals.
The color scheme has changed...(a little) It now "mimicks"'s colors exactly.
The Characters Section now has biographies for all 26 fighters,including original game art for all the characters but Iceman (he aint in the game anyways)
Also the Character moves have had a complete overhaul. Obvious attacks where omitted,or covered in the Command Legends, Game Notes.
For all you "special" people. I added an "Intro" link in the banner. It brings you directly to XvsSF's "Quick Start Guide".

BIG NEWS! Well,a very dedicated group of people got together and picked up the clan forums,where senshukentiakia left off. So check out the clans section of the site,
to read up and find out about Battle Grounds X-Force2010 proudly waves their banner and hails their efforts.

Well thats about it. There is still a few things I have to tweak,and alot I need to either add or change. It'll time.

Oh yeah ...almost forgot...This site is best veiwed at 800x600.
NoSoul4Evr September 18, 2002