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Version 0.6a has finaly arrived.

  Been a while since I last updated the site (about 3 weeks), but here it is. ProjectX Cyberfuturism has released it's latest version of the game. This latest update brings ALOT to the game and the community.

The big change is the practice mode. It has been changed into a story mode. Our once, Sentinel infested practice arena. Has been over taken by some "supreme force". This adds a whole new depth, feel and goal for the players to achieve.

All the characters currently available have been given artificial inteligents,and are randomly selected by the game for your opponent. It makes practice mode alot more enjoyable,and challanging. Best of all...there is now a "big boss" to defeat. Granted this version still has alot of bug's...but rest ashured TMyApp is hard at work correcting these problems.
Heres the low down about Version 0.6a.
NoSoul4Evr October 6, 2002