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V.1.3d Release notes 

  things are pretty quiet in the world of SFO as of late...

but, that doesn't mean we can't have a small patch/update ... which can include a new feature or two and so, 1.3d has just went live ... and this is what you can expect:

the Expert mode is now the default (enough people have requested it, thus, here we are)

... also, the speed of Sentinel, Spiderman and Bison have been increased a tad-bit (once again, a lot of users complained that those 3 were too slow... even in the expert mode)

as stated before, the classic "Turbo" mode has not been touched in years, so, if it seems "too slow" it is simply due to the fact that everyone has gotten used to the speed of the Expert mode ... nothing more (trust me on this, i have nothing to gain by spreading lies in regards to this matter)

... the mCodes should finally save and auto-load (as with the rest of the game's settings) ... and, let us all say goodbye to the old "power within" bug... it has been killed... for good

TLF Venom can nowbe used only 5 times (again, a lot of people complained of just how cheap he was/is) ... we've also had a few "tournament winner" prizes added, and due to "popular demand", the VIP members can now switch to their old/classic "green" characters (excluding Wolverine, Cyclops and Onslaught) ... (simply use the Rage Factor twice ... in order to perform this change) and that about covers it...

questions ?? comments ?? can't wait for DWX ?? ... *sigh*... i share your anticipation and/or frustration... but, sometimes ... "long delays" are simply unavoidable

... still... let this update be the proof that SFO is still very much alive
Writen by: TMyApp March 11 2006 Official Discussion
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