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V.1.3e Release notes 

  well, it's been a while since we had an SFO update...
*thinking*... actually, maybe it hasn't been that long but in any case... we got another one! ... and this is what you can expect:

Bison was forced to give up his steroids... as stated by the intro of SFO ... "winners don't use drugs"

also, a number of small changes have been made (including hours upon hours of me working away at SFO's network code... which means, you can expect at least a tad-bit less lag then you had before)

to top that off, the "blur" effect will no longer "blur out" the player names (i'm sure everyone at the Camera Club has been waiting for this one ... *cough* ) ... we also got a semi-brand-new website (something that i've been meaning to do for a while now) ... and the d/l version of SFO has been cleaned up (no more downloading 50+ files as you pull the hair on your head... trying to figure it all out)

and: if/when you find them... post all bugs in the same thread as before (no real need in creating a new one) ... and... that's pretty much it

oh wait... one other "small" thing i forgot to mention (not sure if anyone will care) ... but... the "date" has been set ... which "date" am i talking about ?? why ... "the one"... for the first chapter of the BIGGEST event in the history of SFO! ... i am of course talking about the legendary: Destination Weapon X May 27, 2006

... might as well start holding your breath now
Writen by: TMyApp March 25 2006 Official Discussion
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