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Destination Weapon X rant 

  well ... here we are ... the event that has been literally YEARS in the making: Destination Weapon-X ... is finally upon us (or at least it's "First Strike")

... i'm sure a ton of people have questions... comments... bug reports... problems... and a TON of bitching ... but before we get to those, let's start with the basics:

anything you don't know, will most likely be answered in the Official DWX Manual, which can be found either using the "Help" section inside the game, or via a direct link: right here

second: i'll bet there are a TON of you out there who are saying "4.5 years of wait ... for THIS ... a few new moves for Logan and a fancy new comic-book-like story mode ?? THIS is why i held by breath all these years ??" ... and to all those who think this way, just step back and realize that DWX is the FIRST ever SFO event that is "multi-stage-driven" .... which means, parts of the event/game are currently "locked" and/or "hidden" ... and for better or worse, they need to be "unlocked" by the players before they can be enjoyed by all

... the other good news is that (once again, for the first time) you are NOT alone.... your efforts in completing the new story mode are combined with the efforts of EVERY other SFO player ... and together, all of you are pushing DWX closer and closer to unlocking it's secrets...

in short, the fate of DWX... as well as what happens next, and HOW fast it happens... is entirely up to you... the SFO community...

after all, YOU are deciding when the next level of the First Strike is unlocked... and as time goes on, even more DWX driven features and events will be placed in your hands..

... if you are not excited yet... you should be... but, before the discussions open up on what exactly "First Strike" is all about (because it's quite obvious i will not be revealing much outside of the DWX Manual) ... let's talk about the new version of SFO ... which brought us everything we se: 1.4a

changes made:

aside from the DWX-Only content.... (new story mode, Wolverine changes, etc) we of course have the new "game modes" (which affect all of SFO)

for all those who are still lost, the new game modes are selected via the "start at" box ... (where you select the starting "level" of the game ... "level 1", "level 2", etc ) ... and of course this is done by the host ... (need more info ?? ... refer back to the DWX Manual)

... and of course have a new look to all of the stages (our beloved "darkness" is back) ... and ... there are a few surprises here and there as well (most related to the new "game modes" )

and then there is the new Game Recorder... some (mainly SSJKarma) already mentioned of how much they missed some of the features of the old recorder... but .... since the old recorder had to go (it was simply ... "broken" ) ... i felt it would be a good idea to provide one that would tailor to the "Screenshot Taking" and "Camtasia Using" members of the SFO community ... how they will feel about the changes ?? (as well as everyone else for that matter ... only time will tell)

... as always, for a complete list of the new recorder features and commands, check back with the DWX Manual

lastly, a bit of a change was added to the game Chat servers... and of course, the SFO Top Scores have been FINALLY reset... (which is an "omen" on it's own)

... miss your old score ?? ... just give it a day or two... and you should see it again in the "archives" section

until then... post all bugs found in the proper section of the forum... and... begin your DWX related rants/bitching... NOW !!!

Writen by: TMyApp May 27 2006 Official Discussion
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