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SFO Vindicator Released 

  i will try not to rant too much in this thread ... instead, only specific game features seen in 1.5a will be discussed here ... (and another "anniversary rant" thread will be started later this weekend)

first off, the "big" news is the fact that SFO now supports the anti-cheat and anti-hack software known as the Game Vindicator (if you need more info, visit this thread. )

... if you run the Game Vindicator before you start SFO (either web or downloadable version ... since both are supported) ... brand new game features will be unlocked to you (such as new "glow" and "flare" effects, 2 new stages, as well as a set of modifications to Ryu ... these include brand new fireballs, and new effects to most of his old moves)

basically, if you use the Vindicator, you will have access to the "Vindicated Ryu", who's new moves include:

BACK, DOWN, FORWARD - Flaming Haduken
DOWN, BACK + 2 KICKS - Vindicated Tornado Kick

... and if you are lucky enough to have access to the Evil Ryu, then your brand new "Vindicated Evil Ryu" will be able to do:

DOWN, BACK + PUNCH - Raging Haduken
DOWN, BACK + 2 KICKS - Vindicated Raging Tornado Kick

on top of that ... Vindicated Evil Ryu will have a brand new set of animations and sounds

(do note that because of the amount of changes made to Ryu, he is now considered to be more or less a "new" character ... and while the scores will not reset based on his arrival, he will no longer yield to the Rage Factor ... at least not for a while )

as far as the GV indications go ... the words "vindicated" will appear beside anyone who uses GV in the game's chat ... the name of their hosted server ... as well as at the beginning of the game's round .. (and if you don't feel like checking who is Vindicated and who is not.. simply join one of the Vindicated chat servers, since only the GV users will be found there)

... and speaking of hosting/joining games ... the chat will now indicate if you leave it to host, or to join someone else's game

... also, if you are behind a router and were hoping for hosing SFO games ... it should nowbe possible (more so) .... new tutorials in regards to this will be released on the forum in the next little while ( *looks at SSJKarma* ) ... but basically, the steps are:

1: Connect to your router and forward a game port (1626 by default) to the Local IP of your computer
2: Specify the "Local IP" in the newly designed "Network" section of the game's "Options" menu
... that's it...

and, since a few people have complained about lowered FPS ... a number of modifications have been made to the game ... so if you have a slower computer, you should see at least a "slight" increase in FPS

if not ?? then use the "induce seizures" option to turn off even more of the game's effects (including the DWX Rain and the new Glow/Flare animations)

lastly (aside from a ton of little bugs that were fixed ... such as Ryu's "shinku beam that somehow followed you through the air as you jumped over it" ) ... don't forget to say hello to our latest NWO oppressors:


... all 3 should be ready within the next few days to ... well... "oppress" all those who step out of line ...

expect more order ... more justice ... and a ton more phear' ... as the our 3 newest NWO's bring down the mighty "hammer of justice" upon all those who deserve it
and... that's about it...

questions ?? comments ?? post them here... bugs ?? post those in the correct section of the forum ... GV bitching ?? see thread mentioned above ...

and there you have it

Writen by: TMyApp August 5, 2006 Official Discussion
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