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Evil Wishes Granted 

  and here we are ... few days before Halloween ... with a brand new (and "exciting" ) SFO release: 1.6a

was it worth the wait ?? well... that will be up to you to decide ... but, here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect in this update:

Vindicated Akuma ... (it was bound to happen ?? right ?? ) ... i can't tell you how many emails i got from people begging me to add new Akuma moves (and saying of just how much they hated that even more moves were added to Ryu) .... so ... if you were one of those people, your prayers have been answered (assuming you have and use the Game Vindicator of course)

... if you are a regular Vindicated user, here are the moves at your disposal:


DOWN, FOWARD + KICK: Tenma Kuujin Kyaku (in air)
DOWN, BACK + 2 KICKS: Raging Gou Zankuu
MODIFIED: Zanku-kyaku, Go-ushoryuken, Messatsu-go-shoryuken, Tenma-go-zanku

... if on the other hand you are a Vindicated VIP user (who of course has access to Shin Akuma) ... you can also add the following moves to your roster:


DOWN, FORWARD + 2 KICKS: Kyaku Nuuya Yuuka (in air)
PUNCH, BACK, LOW-KICK, HIGH-PUNCH: Raging Kongou Kokuretsuzan Explosion (level 2)

... but of course, one can't help and notice of just how much Evil Vindicated Ryu was embraced by the public ... so, love it or hate it ... in order to balance out the awesome power that is the new Akuma, even MORE moves have been added to EVRyu:


DOWN, BACK + 2 KICKS: Rage Tunnel (in air)
PUNCH, BACK, LOW-KICK, HIGH-PUNCH: Raging Fist (level 2)
MODIFIED: Dragon Kick, Dragon Punch

... but it doesn't stop there ... new voice samples have been added to the game (mainly for the Vindicated Akuma) ... and 2 new "graveyard" stages are now at your disposal (this is a Halloween release after all ... right ?? )

you might also notice that Mega Jumps are a lot easier to pull off (they way they used to be back in XvsSF days) ... and, the list of the Chat Servers has been moved around (something that you might seen happen again in the near future ... a change that no longer requires a full game/version update)

... also, if you are one of the players who likes to "practice" online while logging in under a “Player” login, be warned that not all chat servers will accept you from this point on ... (but, there will always be at least 1 online that will ... so you really have nothing to worry about)

turning back to the Vindicated part of SFO ... even more protection has been added to the game ... complete with brand new ways of how people can be punished ... so ... if you or someone you know dares to break the rules of SFO ... be warned ... no mercy shall be given ...

... but for everyone else ... you can reset assured that the game is now better, more secure and cooler than ever before !!! (aside from some of the "old bugs" which somehow escaped the prejudice of this release)

questions ?? comments ?? bitching ?? ... post them here !!!

... you've seen it ... you've witnessed it ... embrace the GREATEST year in SFO's history !!! ... (but do remember that this year … is not over yet)

Writen by: TMyApp October 28, 2006 Official Discussion
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