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We are down.

  Ok, We have setup a paypal account if anyone feels the need and has the ability to donate to help us in paying for another host for the game. I'm not sure exactly how much it will cost yet but anything will help.

Donations can be made to

Sorry for being so brief, but I am working on finding a way to get us back up and running and it has been suggested to me over and over again, more-so tonight, to setup a paypal account for those willing to help out with donations.

Post here with any problems with any of this as this is my first time setting something like this up. As soon as I talk this over a bit more with TMyApp, we might have a paypal button either on the forum or on the main page.

Thank you for all your support in all this and through the past year.

Writen by Leftyfb on Oct. 09 2002Official Discussion