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Character Balance Rant 

  SFO characters not completely balanced ??
well... of course... what else is new ??

.... despite what has been mentioned here, this thread (more or less) is free of bitching ... and does ask some good questions ... which, either myself or a vet should be able to answer easily (but of course have not, so, here i am … making a super-long post)

from my experience, this is how characters are picked at SFO:
1: most unbalanced char which currently has the cheapest move possible
2: if such char does not exist ?? pick: Ryu

... if you go back to origins of SFO/XvsSF ... you will see this pattern time and time again ... examples: we first had only Ryu ... then Logan was added ... was Logan used ?? hell yes... by EVERYONE !! .. reason ?? ... he was unbalanced ... and his regular Berserker Barrage took away as much health as a hyper move what happened after that ?? well... Logan was patched ... he became more "fair" .... and when that happened, no one cared for Logan... and went back to playing with Ryu

... need more examples ?? Scott, Sakura, Bison, Juggernaut ... the list goes on ... each character was first "too powerful" .. thus, was used/abused by everyone ... and the second more balance was given to them ... everyone went back to their favorite Shoto's

so what does this tell us ?? ... well ... that Shoto's will forever dominate the world of SFO ... there are just no ways around it ... i can't stop it, because i can't change of how the SFO users see and play the game ...

so then you are asking ... "why can't we have perfect balance in the game ??" .. answer ?? it is simply impossible

... look at any VS. game made by Capcom ... they all have infinite combo's .. and super-cheap characters ... now think back that those original games had multi-million dollar budgets ... and that SFO is a private/free project ... and you'll see of how much harder it is to create a "perfect game" with such restrictions

... why did Vindicated Akuma have bugs when he was first released on the 28th ?? simple ... there was little to no time to test him ... why ?? because 1-2 weeks before the release ... we had nothing but server problems ... which prevented me from making a "beta build" of 1.6a to be tested by the Mods/Admins in time (other than a few days before the deadline) ... result ?? i was forced to work on the game hours before the release ... Akuma was unleashed ... he had/has problems ... a game patch was made .. it was not good enough ... and now a new game patch will be once again released in the next 24-48 hours

let's now look at the other side of the scenario ... the DWX release of Juggernaut ... unlike Vindicated Akuma (and so many other characters) ... the entire DWX update was done ahead of time ... we are talking 2 weeks before the deadline ... ALL was ready .. and all was tested ... both myself and the Mods/Admins sat down ... tested the release for HOURS on end... set back.. and said "there... it's done.. and it's prefect !!! ... first release that is truly bug free !!!"

... then DWX went live ... hours later ... HUGE bugs were found ...

why ?? because this is how things work in reality ... 5-10 people can test the game for weeks on end ... and think they found all of the problems in it... but when 200,000 people download and play the final version in a single day... they will play the game in ways that us 5 could never imagine ... giving the result of "instantly visible problems" (which everyone hates)

in comparison ... giant developers spend millions of dollars ... and have teams of HUNDREDS of beta testers ... working around the clock (for $12/hour ... or something equally pathetic) testing and debugging the game ... and as weeks and months roll on ... on top of all that … places like GameSpot and GameSpy recruit THOUSANDS of free players/beta-testers online (who get paid $0/hour for their super hard work .. which makes the game what it is... at which point the multi-trillion dollar corporation then forces them to STILL buy the game ... which that basically help to create ?? … *sigh* ) ... and the final result ?? ... with all that money ... all those people ... all those countless hours ?? ... a day after the big-budget game goes live ... BUGS are found ... big bugs... huge bugs... some that prevent people from playing the game ...

... did that give you a more clear picture ?? i hope so...

now... back to us: we have no budget ... and we have no "team" ... and if someone thinks that this should be changed ?? then that "someone" has better start his/her own game ... to set an example of how things should be "done" .. (hint: don't hold your breath ... 5 years and counting ... not a single person has created even a reasonable copy of SFO ... and if you ask me... i don't think they ever will ) ... but at the end of the day ... this "unfortunate" reality is what SFO is all about ... (then again, "unfortunate" means that "we are nothing like those multi-million development studios” .. but what else is new ?? )

... what’s another way to look at the situation ?? well... if you come on the opening day of the release .. expect 2 things:
1: bugs ... (and lots of em' ?? )
2: ever wanted to be a volunteer "beta tester" ?? because if you show on the release date .. you are one

... you play the game ... you find the bugs ... you get "pissed" ... you post on the forum of the "injustice" and how the game is "broken" .. and "ruined" ... and what happens ?? ... like magic ... days later ... a game patch is released ... and thanks to your bitching (aka: "quality beta-testing ??" ) ... things are much better .. (or at least slightly less worse )

bottom line: will more characters be Vindicated ?? yes ... for many reason ... (one of which is the fact that it encourages people to use the Game Vindicator ... which .. is a good thing)

will Chun Li, Sentinel and/or other "useless characters" be "tweaked" in order to balance them against the "power house" chars like Ryu and Akuma ?? yes ...

will people complain that now Li, Sentinel and/or other "useless characters" are "too powerful" ... and need to be “changed back” … because Ryu no longer stands a chance against the mighty and/or improved Rocket Punch ?? yes ...

will GV be improved to support older computers and/or different versions of windows (such as Vista) thus, allowing even more people to run and enjoy the Vindicator ?? yes ... is there a way to build GV into the web version of the game ?? no ... (it simply cannot be done)

will Akuma be tweaked/improved along with the game "mega jump" problems (and crazy vindicated moves that kill you while you are in air) in the next 24-48 hours ?? yes ... will people still complain ?? ... definite yes

... and so on ... and so forth ...

everything that i've just said should NOT be seen as "news" (unless u'r either new to SFO ... or have never really thought about the topic in question in a logical manner) ... this is it ... the best/worst/greatest/immortal/bitching-filled browser game to ever grace this earth ... and is much as everyone would want to see everything just be "fixed" overnight ... the grim reality is that i am … after all ... just 1 man ... who had little or no sleep this entire week ... working on 1.6c update … which will soon be loved/hated/cursed/praised by many...

... and there you have it
Writen by: TMyApp November 03, 2006 Official Discussion
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