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  due to the recent USELESS display of bitching and ignorance ... i am now forced to create yet another "rant" in regards to this subject ...

... but before i begin, you should first familiarize yourself with my last/long post ... a copy of which can be found here (in "HTML form") :

now that we have that out of the way ... off to our main topic (and the question that has been bothering everyone for years on end ??) : "why doesn't TMyApp get others to help him with the game" ??

... the answer has been provided quite a few times on this forum ... however, i can no longer ask people to "look it up" ... since ... the forum has been re-made time and time again over the last few years (making us lose a lot of important/interesting topics)

the key to understand of why things are "the way they are" ... is of course linked to the history of SFO ... so, as some of you might remember, this was never supposed to be a "huge project" ... in fact, the game started out as (more or less) a "tech demo" ... which group beyond expectations of everyone (including myself) ... and was deemed as "impossible" by all those who heard about the idea behind XvsSF/SFO ... months before it's release

what complicates the matter further is that there is no "simple answer" ... instead, multiple factors affect one another .. and some/most/all will be mentioned in this thread:

1: ... i do not know of anyone except myself, who would be cable of creating, sustaining or making SFO what it is today

the fact that after 5 years, not a SINGLE copy (good or bad) has been created, (in my opinion) proves that SFO is indeed "unique" ... there is nothing else like it... and there may never be anything like it in the future

... to say that you, or someone you know ... "knows" PHP, C++, Java, Flash ... and whatever else you may think you know ... is absolutely irrelevant ... the ONLY way someone else would be capable of assisting in this project (without proper tutoring on my part) ... is if THEY themselves could duplicate SFO from start to finish ... and if you feel that you (or someone you know) possesses such skill ... i urge you to go ahead and start your own game right now ... (because your outcome, good or bad ... will be a perfect illustration of the point i'm trying to make)

2: ... keeping the above in mind, i do not have the resources, time ... or even the desire to "teach" others on how this game is made ... or, even provide info on what it would take in order to make further changes/additions to it

i'm not a teacher, nor do i wish to be one ... and i can think of quite a few better ways that my time can be spent ... (such as, adding new characters to SFO)

... but even if i were to take on such task, the current knowledge of the person in question would be directly proportional to how "futile" the task of "teaching" would be ... for example: you say you know how to program ... do you also know how to create an action multiplayer fighting game in Shockwave ?? do you understand the limitations of the engine ?? do you even understand the basics of 2D games, or any/all computer/video games for that matter ?? ... and unless someone can show examples or absolute proof of their knowledge (and past accomplishments) ... the answer to all of these questions is a "no"

if you look at any game developer who is trying to hire someone new to aid their efforts ... the first thing they need to know (and have proof of) is "relevant work experience" ... if you are hired to make a 3D Football game ... you better know how to make sports games ... (and 3D games for that matter) ... AND, you better be ready to show samples of your work

in our case, the "ideal candidate" would need to have the experience of creating an internet multiplayer 2D fighting game based on the Shockwave engine ... and how many people do you know that have partaken in such task ?? ... exactly ...

3: ... what a lot of people want to see SFO turn into is a "professional game development studio" ... and such things are possible, but, NOT on a zero-dollar budget (aka: what SFO really is)

the other alternative would be an "independent game developer" (or "indie developer" ) ... now, let's take a look at this idea closer (assuming of course, that somehow the "right candidate" could be found)

... there is an old saying that goes something like this:

90% of all businesses fail in the first year ... and most game development studios do not even operate as a business and when it comes to "indie developers", the predications are even worse ...

think about it: there is no budget, which means no one gets paid for what they do ... the projects are almost always understaffed, which means everyone has to do the work of 2+ people, and it takes years to even come close to completion of a single game ... (most of which have less features than even SFO)

am i wrong ?? are there exceptions ?? of course ... but in general, the above statements can been proven to be true

... this of course applies to everything (not just games) ... look back at the community of SFO and it's users ... how many have left ?? .. how many fan sites were started, and never finished ?? or dropped after less than a year ?? ... think of the dedicated people ... their huge plans and ambitions ... and where are they now ... 5 years later ...

Senshuk ?? other fan sites ?? countless un-finished tournaments ?? ... dozens of people "claiming" they were about to make a game better than SFO ... where are they now ?? ... and what of the Mods .. or other dedicated members of the community ... how many of them lasted the 5 year stretch ??

... almost everyone moved on ... people came and went ... sites went up .. and then back down ... yesterday's heroes are nothing but a faded memory of today

call it vanity ... pride ... whatever you want ... but if you want me to be completely honest, i do not know of a SINGLE person who would have stuck by SFO for this long ... all for a project that no longer holds his interest

because lets face it... the first week you get an idea and start on that "new site", "new game" or "new anything" ... it consumes your life ... and you have the most fun you can ever imagine making/doing it ... but soon after ... everyone gets tired ... and everyone wishes to move on to another “hobby”

... and in time of crisis … everything becomes even worse ... and even less people can be trusted

(hypothetically speaking) ... let's say 50% of the game was entrusted to other people ... and this is not something along the lines of "beta testing" ... i'm talking ... one person has a "busy weekend" and is unable to perform his/her tasks ... would mean that you can forget about that Oct 28th deadline ... because there is no working/finished game to release

and what would happen the following months ?? .. or a year later ?? ... will those same people be as dedicated towards SFO ... that you can completely and fully depend on them 2 years later ?? and what about 5 ?? ... or 10 ??

last point:
4: … since SFO is "unique" ... to me this means that you cannot simply put a "price" on it ... this in turn would make the project (as well as the work/code behind it) ... "priceless"

5 years of my life went towards this game ... and how do you think i would feel about entrusting something like the game's code to someone else ??

could they be fully trusted ?? ... could they get pissed off one day ... say "screw this" ... and release the code to others ?? .. or steal it for their own little 2D fighting game ??

and what if the code would simply "leak out" ... and others would be able to use it for malicious purposes ?? (say, to make hacks, and to ruin or destroy the game for everyone else ?? )

i can go on and on … for pages on end here ... there are 1000 factors one can be concerned about ... and 1000 different ways things can go "wrong" or "turn for the worse" ... but unless you are in a position such as myself, such concerns may not even cross your mind ...

so why is there only one person working on SFO ?? because this is how it always has been ... and this is how it always will be ...

SFO is what it is ... it's a "weekend project gone wrong" ... an idea to create a simple game, that has become unstoppable and "immortal" ... by millions of people who chose to enjoy it over the last 5+ years

... have i ever though about "quitting" ?? have i ever though about closing down the project ?? ... sure ... more than once ... will it ever happen ?? ... no ...

my own personal standards will not allow me to turn my back on this "Project X" ... and while i no longer have personal interest in working on SFO ... (nor do i get any "enjoyment" out of doing it) ...

if i don't lose sleep over releasing a buggy Vindicated Akuma ... and if i don't wake up in the middle of the night to replace vital hardware components on the authentication server (which will prevent thousands 12 year olds from playing their favorite browser fighting game the next day) .... who will ??

... as i've said before ... SFO is the best/worst/greatest/immortal/bitching-filled browser game to ever grace this earth ... it is what it is ... take it, or leave it ...

and if you want to do better ?? ... then get started now ... you're 5 years behind
Writen by: TMyApp November 04, 2006 Official Discussion
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