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SFO Property - Who Owns What ? 

  ... it always amazes me of how people are willing to fight for a reason ... a point ... a cause ... without understand or knowing the full story

this happens at SFO all the time ... rumors spread ... speculations continue ... and random events are used as "proof" for moronic paranoia

... however, this thread will mainly deal with the issue of claims towards "stolen content" present at SFO ... but before i begin this rant, for all those who still have something against myself ... other mods/admins ... or SFO in general ... you KNOW where "the door" is ... and you are welcome to leave whenever you like ... (or we can push you out ... it's up to you)

no one is keeping you here ... SFO is a free game that owes you (literally) NOTHING ... and all those who dare to spread their ignorance in this community will not be missed ... (in fact, quite the opposite)

now, back to the topic:
this sort of bs creeps up from time to time ... but as of the recent additions to the game, it has been at it's all time high

i hear things like "TMyApp stole [insert char/move] from such and such" ... "give credit where credit is due" ... "the [insert char/move] originated from MUGEN and TMyApp stole it" ... and it goes on ... and on ... and on

i'll break it down for everyone (in hopes of shedding the real light on the issue) ... make sure to read each and every one of my points if you wish to participate in this discussion) .. in fact... read them twice ... no no ... 3 times ... i want to make sure you hear my every word

>>> 1:
always remember who "owns" property (intellectual or "other") seen at SFO

example: who owns/created Ryu ?? ... is it TMyApp ?? is it SFO ?? is it marve| ?? ... the answer is "no" ... it's Capcom

.. let's say i create a new color for a character .. and make "Pink Ryu" for example ... now, i've made those modification all by myself ... no one helped me... and my own efforts/sweat went into the creation of this "new looking" char ... every shade of Ryu’s pink is custom ... and an exact duplicate cannot be found anywhere else in this universe ... so ... do i now "own" the "Pink Ryu" ?? what about the rights to his distribution ?? ... or maybe ... i hold "copyright privileges" ?? ...

if you are still lost ... the answer is "no" ... i can re-pain Ryu all i want ... he is NOT my property ... and i do NOT own him ... he is, by all rights ... with every pixel ... belongs to the company that made him (and inspired this great game): Capcom

example two: let's say i add a "christmas hat" to Ryu ... he'll look "funky" and "cool" .. just in time for the holidays ... and it all it took was 150 hours of work (since brand new pixels had to be added to each and every sprite of the character) … (i'm not doing any of this btw … since it’s way too much work )

now ... i made those "christmas hat" pixels ... they are mine ... each one was created using MY skill alone ... not to mention the tremendous amount of time i've (theoretically) wasted on them, to create this Santa-like Ryu monstrosity ... so, what does this mean ?? ... do i "own" "Christmas Ryu" ?? and/or any kinds of "rights" to him ?? the answer is: NO

you can modify original sprites as much as you want ... it changes nothing ... the original ownership still stands ... NO ONE owns Ryu ... but Capcom ... period

to further elaborate on this point: you can add as many new pixels as you like ... making Ryu's "stand" look slightly different ... you can add new frames of animation ... or take his voice from another Capcom game ... once again, it changes nothing

your changed/bastardized Ryu (as cool as he might be) is not your property ... nor can you claim any "rights" to him .. he is, and always will belong to it's original creators (ie: Capcom)

(as you can see this also applies to character aspects such as their voice ... just because the very first time you heard the same/new Ryu's voice in some other bastardized version of Ryu ... it does not mean that is where it has originated from ... because guess what ... that voice, was also taken from yet another classic Capcom game)

>>> 2:
in eyes of anyone who wishes to use "common sense" (which as we all know is NOT common) ... SFO is nothing more than a "fan project"

it's free ... it's custom made ... it's is 100% non-profit ... and it was created as means to allow people to recreate their favorite arcade moments (from the old Capcom vs. game classics) .. in fact, it says so in the FAQ:

... the FAQ which was created (and portion of which i'm referring to … that has not changed since it's birth) on August 7th, 2001

... now, our good friend/mod SSJKarma has done a lot of study on this subject ... and he has indeed confirmed that Capcom feels the same way ... (ie: they see projects like SFO, as nothing more than "fan creations" ) ... and while i do not have the directly link(s) to SSJKarma’s stud, i'm sure he will post them in this thread soon enough

and why is all of this so significant ?? ... because it explains of why SFO has the content seen in it today ...

example: loading screen pictures ?? ... forum and/or DWX Logo's ?? ... a ton of other "art" seen here and there ... are any of them "owned" or "copyrighted" by SFO ?? the answer is: no ... (this is why you do not see a "copyright" symbol beside any of them)

these aspects/images/components are used with non-malicious indented to brighten-up and/or make SFO (aka: the free/private and non-profit fan-based project) just tad-bit more interesting for everyone ...

... this exact same mentality applies to everything that was made by SFO as well ... for example: the SFO logo ... (or any of the dozen of so "sub-logo's" i've made over the years ... which were used in various SFO events)

do i or SFO claim "rights" to such content ?? (such as the SFO logo which was created from and/or inspired by the official SF logo that was created by Capcom ?? ) ... of course not ... do you see me hunting down every person who uses such content (which i have created myself ... and spent HOURS of my own blood and sweat) ... and/or "demand" that credit be given to me ?? and/or royalties for t-shirts that use combination of words that i have though of ... or cakes which use the "official SFO colors" ?? ... of course not ... (such actions would be pure stupidity)

if you come to SFO ... like something you see ... feel like grabbing the logo/art/anything and using it in your own fan-based creations ?? be my guest ... it's all yours !!! (no need to give me credit, or even mention where you got it from)

>>> 3:
now lets talk about the "code" portion of SFO ... here is where it gets a bit more black and white

as most of you (should) know, SFO is not an "emulator" ... it was created from scratch (minus the images/art/sounds owned and created by Capcom of course) ... each line of code is unique ... and each line was created from nothing

why ?? because SFO is based on a browser engine ... and it would be impossible to simply "borrow/steal" someone else's code in order to create SFO

.. and the QCF+P moves and well as how they play out ?? ... SFO didn't invent them ... Capcom did ... but each and every line of code that powers these moves (and makes them appear on screen in a laggy-like manner) ... that's all pure SFO ... custom made .. and unique ...

and is SFO's code copyrighted ?? ... or distributed/sold to others ?? the answer is: no

why ?? because it's a fan-based project !!! ... non-profit ... free ... yadda yadda

... steps are taking to protect the integrity of the game and it's community of course (otherwise it would be impossible to maintain a cheat/hack free game/community) ... but you will NOT find a single copyright symbol anywhere in the game ... or the SFO's front page for that matter

>>> 4:
let's just get to the root of this "give credit where credit is due" issue ... and let me bring up perhaps the most important point of this thread: where exactly do you see "credit" being given to anything ??

where is the "©copyright by SFO, All Rights Reserved" logo/symbols ?? ... for that matter ... where does it say "Made by TMyApp" ?? ... where is any of it ??

... this game would not exist if it was not made by a single/crazy/dedicated person .. and he himself does not give credit ... to himself ??


are we on the same page here ?? ... people want me to give credit to someone who bastardized 10 sprites of Ryu ... in some forgotten Mugen remake ?? ... (and we're talking about the same people that defend the platform/medium who's use is prohibited by it's creators by the way) ... when in reality, credit is not given to someone like myself for any of the work that i have done ?? ... what is this ... bizzaro-world ??

alright ... let's bring it back a bit ... because i keep mentioning of how "no credit is given to anyone" ... and a single Company is responsible for the content seen in the game ... but... if everyone just keeps this in mind ... and looks at the opening intro of SFO ... you will see that indeed ... credit is given ... where credit is due:

... did i invent the idea of Ryu falling from the sky in a tunnel-like fashion ?? no ... Capcom did (they were the first to use/invent/implement that move, in Akuma) ...

did i create any of the sprites in the game ?? ... no ... Capcom did ...

did myself and/or other people modify them ?? yes ... but that does not mean that any of us "own" them at this point ... and none of us has the right to even think of making such claims


and here we are ... at the end of yet another "SFO Rant" ... created only in hopes of educating those who are still lost ... or fail to understand of why things are the way they are

if you learned anything about SFO ... of "what it is" ... how it should be seen by others ... and/or the reason of why written in-game credit was not given to user-originated ideas (such as the ability to see when people join/host games in chat) ... maybe ... JUST maybe ... things will make tad-bit more sense at this point

... on the other hand ... if you still think what SFO does is "wrong" .. and/or it offends you in some way ... you know what ... i'd hate to point at "the door" ... but it really is the best solution to your "problem"

don't bother pushing your hate ... don't bother trying "destroy" this game or it's community ... and/or to divide us against one another ... because all those who tried to do so in the past have failed ... and personally, i think such failure was caused by forces/positive-opposition that resides within the community itself ...

... the NWOs/Mods/Admins can try their best to enforce order and to keep the game "safe" for all ... but we cannot force everyone to continue playing this game ... and after so many years ... if the intent of SFO and it's community was indeed "evil" ... i don't believe our chat servers would be packed with eager n00bs ... looking to slug it out in yet another laggy match of their semi-favorite ... completely free ... fan-based project
Writen by: TMyApp November 09, 2006 Official Discussion
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