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Version 0.6b Screen Shots Wanted.

  YES, Onslaught is here!

He seems to be the #1 thing people talk about these days.
But what i'd REALLY like to see is some pictures/screenshots of him from the multiplayer games.

So... if u know how to use/select Onslaught... and/or you fought someone who WAS Onslaught (multiplayer... NOT practice/story-mode)
Then post u'r pictures here. (one picture per person)

If by some amazing act of god you played a 1 on 1 ... Onslaught vs. Onslaught game with someone... then you MUST post the pics from that game (i'll get u both some crazy/crappy prize or something)...
Writen by TMyApp on Oct. 19 2002Official Discussion