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Onslaughts secrets revealed

  YES! Onslaught is here as a hidden playable character,and every one wants to know how to get him.
So X-Force 2010 is gonna tell you how to go about finding and playing this hidden big boss.

Simply check out Onslaughts revised character pages and click his Tutorial to learn how to select this bad ass, and start kicking some mutant butt.
Oh while your there you might want to check out his updated moves page as well.

In other news. Some players are experiencing problems signing in with the new down loadable version of the game. Dont worry folks, TMyApp knows about this issue and is hard at work writing new code to correct this problem in the next update of the game.

New features have begun to be added, for those people that donate money to support XvsSF. People that donate money will become a "V.I.P." within the community as well as receive...
  • In-game banner stating you are an, "Advanced Member"
  • Forum Status change to, "V.I.P. Member"
  • A default helper, unless you select another.
  • Proposed access to a protected V.I.P. forum.
  • Pre-Release priveleges of upcoming versions.
  • And much much more.
All specifics about the V.I.P. status have yet to be determined, and are still under development. X-Force2010 will keep you informed of any changes that are made to the NEW V.I.P. features as they are installed.
Writen by NoSoul4Evr on Oct. 27 2002