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Loading Problems (Official Solution)

  Alright... looks like things got even worse (once again)...
The web space providers that we are using are tweaking our accounts so that the game loading times seems to get slower and longer with each day (even on fast connections) the other day it took me 5 minutes to get a 300 game module on a dsl connection (something that normally takes 2 seconds) in anycase... Since we can't solve the server problems (over night) here are some solutions:

If u'r stuck @ the loading screen (and can't even get the "ok" button to continue) and the game "just sit there"... first thing, check if u'r modem is working... (are you sending information back and forth ?? ie: are the two "modem lights" in the bottom right of the screen beside the clock blinking ??) if so... just... give it some time time.... if not, CLOSE the window, and try to load the game once again)

i think i forgot to mention this in the past... but the game will auto-append the download (on most computers).... so if u get some of the game loaded... it stops... just re-open the game window to "append the download" same goes for when you are out of the "loading" screen, and are in chat or the main menu... if the game's loading bar just "sits there" (@ 70%+) ... check the modem... if u'r sending information... good... just wait.... if it doesn't seem like it is doing anything for 10min+ (or u'r not sure).... close the window and press the "mirror1" button once again.... now.. the "browser cache" problem...

YES i've asked all of you to "clear u'r cache" to fix these types of problems"... HOWEVER... you probably don't need to keep on doing it over and over again.... if you just CAN'T seem to get the game no matter how many times you try to load it... fine.... clear u'r cache... ONCE... then keep on trying... if you keep on clearing the cache after ever time you close the game, you won't be able to "append the download" ... so u'll just keep going through the loop of gettin' some 70% of the game over and over again (forever).... soo... clearing u'r cache helps... but DONT' do it every time the loading bar stops and u close the game window... and if u'r not sure how, here are the exact instructions on how to do it in Internet Explorer (IE):

  • go to "tools" and "internet options"
  • in there, u'll see a "delete files" button, press it...
  • a new window will pop-up with a "delete all offline content" check box... CHECK IT... and press "ok"
  • u'r done
... now... it may also help a LOT of you to setting u'r borwser to "save u'r cache" ... this will mean that when you get the game ONCE.. it will stay on u'r hard disk.. and you will NOT need to re-download it over and over again.... and here is how you do it in IE:

  • go to "tools" and "internet options" (once again)
  • in there, u'll see a "settings..." button.. press it...
  • at the top, where it says: "check for newer versions of stored pages"... that should be set to "Automatically" or "Never"... if it is set to "Automatically" and the browser still makes you re-download the game every time, set it to "Never"
  • at the bottom of the same window you'll see a slider for: "amount of disk space to use"... make sure that is set to 100mb+ ... if 100mb doesn't seem to help the problem, set it to 200mb+
  • hit "ok"... and u'r done
i hope this helps a few people... for the hopeless ones for whom nothing seems to work... my advice is to grab the "downloadable" version of the game... and for those who did it and you can't seem to sign-in with your l/p... well... just wait... i'll fix the prob as soon as i can
Writen by TMyApp on Oct. 29 2002Official Discussion