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Green With Envy 

  Alright.. tiz 1:33am.. but as we all know.. as of Aug 7th of last year.. i dont sleep.

Anyways, for those of you who still dont know (which is ALL of you.. since i just made these changes in the last few hours) Here is what you can expect in the next game update (which i hope to release sometime this week ?? !! :)

-less bugs (u have to fix them now and then i figured)
-MORE BUGS (if they are all gone.. i'll have nothing to do)
-helpers tweaked

and.. thats it...

HOWEVER.. there will also be a HUGE change for the VIP's ... for one... ALL (and i do mean ALL/ANY) character that used by V.I.P.'s will be GREEN !! (u heard me.. i'm not talking about Green Ryu or Green Logan... i'm talking ALL of the characters... excluding Onslaught) .. and NO ONE else will be able to get this "great" feature (not even the mods/admins)

Incase you heard some rumors.... YES.. from this point on, any character that is picked by the public will be tested by the V.I.P's in the public version of the game, a few weeks before that particular character is released.

What does this mean ?? well... Spiderman is next.. he was picked by the people.. SOOO.. in a (little) while... a new version of the game will come out where ONLY the VIP's can pick Spiderman and play against the regular users online .. all the rest of the 215,000 users can do, is play against the V.I.P.'s and drool in anticipation.

After a few weeks...and once we find all the bugs with him... Spiderman will become public... and the V.I.P's fun will be over.. until i find time to release another VIP ONLY character.

daz it :)
Writen by TMyApp on Nov. 03 2002