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Version 0.6d is here! 

  Version 0.6d is here!
With this new update come these new changes to the game.

-Spider-Man release date posted
-helpers fixed
-Cyclops and Chun-Li tweaked (less damage on some moves)
-green char detection for VIP's tweaked
-profanity filter fixed
-practice mode AI tweaked
-fake "challenged by" bug fixed
-LPC implemented

The BIG one that has been on everyones mind is...Spiderman.
His release date has finaly been announced, and you can expect to see the "Web Head" on December 25, 2002.
My "Spidey Sense's" tell me EVERYONE is going to like this tweeked out version of their, "favorite neighborhood super hero".

Plus "LPC" was implimented into the games design.
What is "LPC"? TMyApp hasnt publicly stated what it is yet.
But was quoted as saying,
"... if all goes well, you'll notice it in this release."
So what ever this "LPC" is...keep an eye out for it.

Updating your URL version from 0.6c to 0.6d
Since the game has been updated. Many of you who are using the URL version of the game, may receive the,
"This is an out of date version of the game" messege.
So heres is how you can get the current version of the game.

  • First, hit the "Refresh" button on your browser (or press "F5" on your keyboard.

  • If that doesn't help (most people don't have to do this) the following method will work for sure.

  • In IE (Internet Explorer), go to "Tools" and "Internet Options". Then, click the "Delete Files…" button. Close the browser, and go back to the page (if you are using a different browser, see its "help" section to find out how you can clear your internet cache).

  • If that doesn't work, you are most likely behind a proxy and for some reason, it is not allowing you to get the latest file from the internet.

    If you are still having problems getting/loading/operating the game. Please be sure to read the FAQ carefully, and try everything it tells you.

    Updating your Down Loadable version 0.6c to 0.6d
    If you are currently using the down loadable version 0.6c of the game, simply CLICK HERE to download the new, 0.6d EXE.

    After your finished downloading the 0.6d EXE, unzip it to the folder containing your X-men vs Street Fighter files, and your done.

    And that just about covers everthing for this installment of X-Men vs. Street Fighter (online), and X-Force 2010...enjoy!
  • NoSoul4Evr December 01, 2002