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  "Please hold for our next available game designer."...........

Well Spiderman is still being worked on as we speak. TMyApp is still projecting to release the web slinger by December 25, 2002.

But in order to "sqeak" this new edition out in time.
TMyApp WILL NOT be answering any of his e-mail until after December 25.

He is currently far to busy attempting to get us Spiderman on time, to be answering e-mail.
So if you have tried to contact TMyApp within the last 3 weeks, and have not received a you know why.

But rest assured he will get around to viewing his "fan mail" some time after Christmas. Until then......

"Thank you for waiting. Our XvsSF Administrator will be with you shortly."
NoSoul4Evr December 13, 2002