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Spidermans Moves! 

  We're less than 2 days way from the big event!
No! I'm not talking about Christmas...I'm talking about SPIDERMAN!
I just finished playing the pre-release demo of Spiderman,and I can safely say "ya'll are gonna love him".
Well...maybe not at first. But after a couple of hours of practice you'll grow to love the web crawler. (at least in practice mode)
Spiderman has a fighting style that is totaly unique to the XvsSF (online) enviornment, that include aerial attacks never before seen in the game.

The Web Sting is a unique mid-range aerial super attack. Where Spiderman shoots forth a damaging web that last 3 or 4 seconds and holds Spidy suspended in mid-air until the super ends. This move is terrific for avoiding helpers,specials,and supers. While "stinging" the crap out of your opponent.

The Spider Kick is a terrific move that can be preformed either in the air or on the ground. With this move Spiderman leaps away from his opponenet "springs" off the wall, lunging him self feet first,all the way across the screen....and then some. Because of the distance Spidy covers with this move, your opponent can back away as much as they like...and Spidy continues to hurtle towards them until Spiderman touchs the floor, kicks them, or reachs the corner of the arena! Yet again another good move for avoiding all most every type of attack your oppnent may throw at you if preformed in the air. It also works well as a follow up move to Spidy's "slow" Web Ball.

The Web Ball, yet again another move that can be preformed in the air. With this move Spiderman projects 2 blobs of "spider goo" that can be shot at 3 different speeds,from the air or on the ground. If preformed in the air,Spidy shoots these projectiles downward towards his opponent. My personal favore is Spidermans slow web ball, either on the ground or in the air the slow web ball works great for setting up any combonation of moves if timed properly.

Well I pointed out just some of Spidermans "high points", in the aerial attack division, but his special moves are not the only moves worth mentioning. Spidermans also has a few basic attacks that I think ya'll will like as well...

The Aerial Hard Kick...realy easy to preform. Jump in the air, press the hard kick button, and Spiderman hyperextends him self,thrusting both feet downward. A terrific move with a long range,great for those jump in kicks.

The Crouching Hard Kick. Here Spidy couchs down and does a sweeping kick that trips his opponent. Very similaire to Wolverines trip kick in speed and motion..but with a longer reach!

Lastly..Spidermans basic Hard Kick. With this move Spiderman does a flip kick, similare to Cyclops hard kick,with the exception that Spidermans flip kick connects with his opponent even if they are crouching!

Although Spiderman has many many moves and combos I'll leave the rest for you the players to discover on your own. But in order to help you in quest for the ultimate spidy fighting skills... X-Force 2010 has posted all of Spidermans special and super moves with images for you to memorize and practice on December 25.

So check out Spiderman's Moves Pages..and prepare your self for a whole new fighting experience.
NoSoul4Evr December 23, 2002