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Symbiote Spider! 

  Merry Christmas every one!
What better gift could any XvsSF member receive from TMyApp on Christmas day than a new character!

Spiderman is finaly here with all his elite Spidy fighting skills. Everyone will be very happy to know that...Spiderman is "buggy" (hehe get it...buggy.)
How is he buggy?
Well...ya'll can preform Spidermans special VIP only moves using your basic Spiderman!...thats how.

Yup thats right..YOU the average XvsSF member may preform Spidermans special VIP only Symbiote moves with your average Spiderman! But dont get use to fighting with the elite moves...TMyApp will surely fix this bug as soon as he hears about it.

So enjoy them while you can,because they will be gone before to long. Now get in there and start kicking some nooby butt!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
NoSoul4Evr December 25, 2002