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Version 0.7a-b Update 

  Christmas has come and gone...
And so has version 0.7a of X-Men vs. Street Fighter (online).
Version 0.7b is now available!

So what that means is anyone who is using the URL version of XvsSF will need to refresh their game by starting the game and then pressing the "F5" button on your keyboard.

People using the OLD downloadable version 0.7a of the game will need to download the NEW version 0.7b.exe and cSpiderman.cct files. Be sure to save the cSpiderman.cct file to the same folder containing the rest of your XvsSF files,and then "unzip" the 0.7b.exe to the same folder.

The version 0.7b patch corrects some of the bugs from v.0.7a
The letter "c" bug in the chat has been fixed... and Spider-Man HAS been tweaked (speed, graphical glitches, the works ) .. while it is NOT perfect... it is a lot more stable than 0.7a ...

One of the big tweeks in this NEW version is that Spiderman can no longer preform the Symbiote Byte.
That move is now solely for V.I.P.'s and Modorators only.

Currently Spiderman even with out his Symbiote moves appears to be overwhelming it that his moves are to powerfull...or is it because of his unique fighting style? Well...I'll leave that for you the players to decide.

So get the new "less buggy" version of XvsSF and begin your Spidy training, because Spiderman is here...and here in a big way!

Happy Holidays Eveyone!
NoSoul4Evr December 26, 2002