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Small update. 

  Ok the holidays are over...
So i guess it's time for an update...

Currently there is not much to write about in the XvsSF community...Version 0.7b has been implimented and tweeked...People will note the "in game" news about "freezing" spidermans and updateing your 0.7b exe if you are playing the downloadable version of the if your Spidy keeps freezing while playing the D/L version of XvsSF you will need to down load these 2 files to your XvsSF folder. cSpiderman.cct and cMusic.cct
If that dont work you should down load this file again. XvsSF07b.exe

Donations to help support seem to have increased.
There is now 20+ "V.I.P. Members" and "Sponsored V.I.P. Members" together. As well as one clan leader who's mission is to have a complete V.I.P. roster for his watch out!

I have been working on all sortsa projects lately...too numerous to list...but some of these projects have been completed...of wich most of you wont notice. But people who have been visiting X-Force 2010 and have "larger" monitors will notice that I have "squared off" the site. So it now sits centered on your screens.

For those "un-observent" X-Force 2010 viewers....I have completely over hauled the X-Force 2010 Chat. It now servers a completely different use and purpose here at X-Force 2010. By allowing you the players of XvsSF to have a universal external chat in wich to keep in touch with your XvsSF buddies. While at the same time allowing you to access the game and "squasha nooby" via a very nifty XvsSF game splash. There is also Trivia that can be played while you wait for your well as a "private chat" that allows you to talk directly to another person simply by double clicking there name...So check it out.
NoSoul4Evr January 12, 2003