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Version 0.7c coming soon! 

  Ahh well...I guess it's time to update the news
So here goes....
As most of you know, V.I.P.'s receive special in-game "perks: such as...Beta testing for upcoming versions of XvsSF online. What most of you dont that last week all V.I.P.'s received a test version for the NEW and IMPROVED XvsSF game engine. This new engine had all V.I.P.'s staggering with awe. This new version was fully compatible with the current version of the game that all 'regular' players are using at this time...except the V.I.P.'s version ran 1.5 times FASTER than the current verson does...and LAG? "huh...what LAG?" The latency of the game between player sync. was cut drasticaly...less than 5 seconds in most cases!

And then...
At about 3am February 4, 2003 TMyApp released and even FASTER version of the next XvsSF game engine...approximately 1.5 times faster than his previous release...thus creating an engine for XvsSF that is 2 times faster than the current 0.7b version that 'non-V.I.P' members are playing now! Yes you heard right TWO TIMES FASTER than what you are playing right now...and with at least 70% less LAG!
Running on a measily Pentium 500mhz computer TMyApp was able to get 18-20fps in most games... in OVER 24fps in ryu vs ryu games... (compare that to 10fps from the public release)

Most of the chars in the release have been of all, it is also 95% of the next public version... which (TMyApp 'might' announce to everyone sometime tommorow) will be coming out this saturday (or friday night at 11:59pm if u want to be technical)...

Spider-Man is towned down... and less buggy/cheap... (for example, u can NO longer stay in the air forever with his "spider-kick" )

Wolverine and Chun-Li moves have also been tweaked (logan's healing factor and "berserker slash" can no longer be stoped by regular moves... same goes for li's spin-kick )

Since most of these changes are somewhat close to the curent public version... this makes the vip/dev release, yet again, compatible with the public version 0.7b

More speed... better performace... LESS LAG... coming to a computer near you in less then 2 weeks... what more can u ask for ??
NoSoul4Evr February 04, 2003X Force Discussion