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Version 0.7c Version Notes 

  The new 0.7c version of XvsSF is here!
With it comes these game design changes, and improvments.


-Impoved game engine (twice as fast on all 10fps and slower systems) Slower systems will also experience less game LAG
-All characters tweaked (Spider-man towned down, Wolverine heals faster/better, etc)
-"Toasty" added
-VIP perks tweaked
-various graphical glitches fixed

If you are using the URL version of the game and are receiving the "Out of date" error window.
Simply press the "F5" Button on your keyboard to load the latest version of the game.

If you are currently using the Downloadable version of the game. You will only need to download the version 0.7b to 0.7c upgrade and unzip it to your Xmen vs Street Fighter (online) folder.

If you have been using the URL version of the game and would like to try the Downloadable version simply {Click Here}

Then read and follow the instructions provided EXACTLY.
NoSoul4Evr February 08, 2003X-Force Discussion