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  ...Somethings here...and it's big.

Wow..where to begin. I suppose I'll start with the addition of 2 new links to the XvsSF Intro: navigation panel.
If you'll kindly look over to the left side of the webpage. you'll see a "Tournament News" link and a "Tournament Past" link.
Well those two pages will soon become filled with content!

I am extremely pleased to announce..that X-Force 2010 will now be tracking, reporting and archiving all 'relevent' tournament activities official and un-official for X-Men vs Street Fighter (online).

Now those links have been there a day or two..and if anyone has clicked the "Tourny News" link in the last 24 hours.
Your probably wondering..

"What the heck is Dark Masta's face doing on the X-Force 2010 Tourny News page?..And where da heel has dat der Battle Grounds Website disappeared ta?"

Well the answer is kinda sad...Dark Masta (aka: Mastaq) has officialy closed the Battle Grounds website.

However! Battle Grounds IS NOT dead. Nor is the services they provide to hundreds of XvsSF clan members!
The Battle Grounds Forums is still alive and kicking! But have found them selves a new home...HERE at X-Force2010!
Yes that right folks X-Force2010 is now the "official" host and sponsor of all XvsSF Battle Ground Clans.

After many weeks of deliberation..Mastaq and Myself..agreed to unite the two sites...In hopes of providing all XvsSF members the best that both sites have to offer...X-Force of the most informative XvsSF fan sites about the game it's self, and Battle Grounds, a site dedicated to hosting, sponsoring, tracking and reporting on many tourny's revolving around Clans and Clan Wars

Now..back to why Mastaq's face is on the Tourny News page...
Well the answer to that is very simple...
Mastaq has not only graciously bonded the Battle Grounds forum to the X-Force name..he has also offered to track and report any and all tourny activity within the XvsSF realm as he see's fit!
So what that means is...
You'll be seeing alot more of this guy here --->
Posting and reporting all future Tournament News here at X-Force 2010.

Now even though only two new links have been added to the website, rest assured that X-Force will be expanding it's pages to try and recover some of what was lost with the passing of the Battle Grounds website, as well as try to encompass some new goals and ideals. So keep an eye on X-Force...we might just impress ya.
NoSoul4Evr February 21, 2003X-Force Discusssion