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Evil Is Upon You! 

An evil pressence now darkens your realm. You will now, from this day forward, live in fear!
For possibly the most honorable,advanced and technical Shotoken warrior ever...has turned evil.

Yes folks Evil Ryu now exists within the XvsSF environment, as a V.I.P. ONLY character.
Because of this, Ryu's Moves Page has been updated!
So check it out. But be warned...Evil Ryu now replaces regular Ryu for all V.I.P. members. So asking a V.I.P. for a Ryu vs. Ryu match means you will be actualy fighting an Evil Ryu vs. Regular Ryu match.

Evil Ryu Overview:
Standard Shotokan attacks:
Yes Evil Ryu may preform every basic attack exactly the same as regular Ryu.

Ground Based Special and Super attacks:
Yes Evil Ryu may preform every ground based special or super attack that regular Ryu may preform. He can preform the ground based "Hadoken","Shinku Hadoken", and "Tornado Kick". All of Evil Ryu's standard Shotoken ground based Special and Super attacks operate exactly the same as regular Ryu's attacks and deal the same damage.

In addition to the ground based attacks Evil Ryu has the ability to "teleport" through his opponent. In much the same manner as Wolverine can use his "Charging Slash" to run through his opponents. With the exeption of...Evil Ryu may teleport left or right through his enemy. Making cornering Evil Ryu almost impossible, and also giving him the abilty to easily change sides of the screen at whim.

Evil Ryu can also preform the "Shin Shouryuu-Ken". A super beefed up, make you wanna cry, version of regular Ryu's "Shouryuu-Ken" (dragon punch). The Shin Shouryuu-Ken is a super move, that deals insane damage when used on a cornerd victim.This move carries Evil Ryu to new heights within the game..practicaly carrying himself and his opponent into the stratosphere.

As well as the ever popular and all powerfull "Raging Demon". This uber power is nearly unstopable. It requires that Evil Ryu be at level 3 energy in order to preform it, and you have only 2 seconds in wich to prevent the move from occuring. But once it's lights out, you get the ever lovin' bejesus beat outa you...and more than likely will die, because of the insane 60% damage that Evil Ryu inflicts to his enemy.

Aerial Special and Super attacks:
Evil Ryu's aerial "Hadoken" travels downwards in a diagonal path, much like Spidermans aerial web balls. With the exception of, they travel at the variable speeds of Ryu's regular Hadokens, deal the same amount of damage, and can be cast just as quickly as regular Hadokens. Evil Ryu can not preform aerial Hadokens that travel in a horizontal path. This makes playing Evil Ryu very much like playing Spiderman while in the air and adds a whole new perspective and feel to fighting vs the traditional fighting tactics that we have all grown accustom too using when playing with regular Ryu.

Evil Ryu's aerial "Tenma Gou-Zankuu" replaces Ryu's aerial "Shinku Hadoken". This attack travels in a diagonal path downwards, reach's the entire width of the screen, and suspends Evil Ryu in mid-air while being preformed. Thus making this move nearly impossible to avoid if you are any where else except under or behind Evil Ryu when he preforms it, and summoning a "short" helper is nearly futile in an attempt to break the move, since most small helpers will pass harmlessly beneath Evil Ryu.

Closing Comments:
Evil Ryu is now the most advanced and technical character to ever grace the XvsSF environment, and appears he will be "owning" the playing field for a quite some time. An average players only hope to defeating this new uber Ryu, will more than likely be Cyclops, simply because of the speed and range of Scotts blasts. Another hopefull looks like Spiderman and his ability to fight extremly well from the air, and having abilities similar to Evil Ryu's own. Plus a whole butt load of LAG and skill wouldnt hurt either...but only time and lots and lots of game play will tell for sure.

Good luck defeating this "evil" force, regardless of which fighter you choose....your gonna need it!

NoSoul4Evr February 28, 2003Official Discusssion